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Make Your Invoices More Professional With New Invoice Themes in Vyapar

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Using invoice Templates/Themes for your business makes sure your invoices are consistent and you are not missing important information. These themes making your invoicing more professional and Clear to the receiver. Also, the Vyapar application lets you customize your invoicing options according to your brand. So here Vyapar updated two latest themes to give your invoice a Professional look.

Benefits of Using an Invoice Template 

  1. Ease to use: Invoicing templates are quick and simple. They are easy to interact with, fill out, customize, save and the ability they give you to send out multiple invoices at once to ensure that your customer receives their bill quickly and payout on time.
  2. Time saver: This means that when it comes time to invoice your client, all you need to do is click on the client you are wanting to invoice, and adjust the Item, hourly rate, or service description. 
  3. Get paid on time: Due to the ability to complete your invoicing tasks quickly and efficiently, you cut the time for your clients to receive and pay out your invoice on time. With Vyapar you can also share the UPI QR code on the invoice which enables your client to easily interact with the Code and quickly make a payment

Benefits of Invoice Themes

1. Gives professional look to your invoicing
2. Provides clarity to the receiver about the transaction
3. Helps to make your Business identity a brand
4. Allows you to use your own branding on invoices

Where to find the Invoice themes & how to use it in Vyapar App? 

Go to Settings in left menu > Invoice print > Change Theme and colours 
(Allows you to choose theme and colours for your invoices)

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How to Use it?

On the screen Click on the Arrow to check the themes > select the colour you want > Click on “Apply changes”
(Double divine and French Elite are the premium themes. You will be only able to choose these temes if you are a premium user)

Now you can print and share the invoices in the selected theme format.

Please comment on the comment box below about your views on this new feature. Your feedback means a lot to us. We will be back soon with more updates in our next blog.

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