Invoice Format in Excel

An invoice format in Excel is a free invoice template with fields to be filled as per your own company's details. The end result of such invoices is in a Word form as visible by the name.

Invoice Format in Excel

Free Professional Bill Invoice Format in Excel

Download the professional MS Excel invoice formats for free !!! and customize them as per your need.

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MS Excel Invoice Formats

MS Excel Invoice formats

It is easy to create a professional-looking invoice format using Excel invoice templates. Vyapar allows you to choose from a wide range of formats and customize them according to your requirements.

Many businesses require excel functionality in invoices for ease of calculations to save time, and by using free excel invoice formats from Vyapar, you can create an excellent looking invoice for your customers in a matter of minutes. Further, you can mention GST charges involved in the transaction as a professional service provider.

Do you want to create an invoice using Excel, but have no idea where to begin? At Vyapar, you get access to fully customizable excel formats that can help you generate the invoice quickly.

It gives you the liberty to make customizations suitable for your brand, including colours, logo, andaddress. Further, you can use the Vyapar invoice generator to avoid using confusing tools and making the process simple for anyone. You need not hire a designer, which can cost you thousands for a simple template.

Download Excel Invoice Formats:

MS Excel Invoice formats

An invoice is an identity of a brand, and having a unique and professional invoice can help you retain clients. You can send an invoice quote with all the details, and it will help you get an edgeover your competitors who send text invoices without mentioning GST involved in it. Your potential customers will trust you more if you send an invoice in excel format with complete transaction details.

Don’t like your current Excel invoice format?
At Vyapar, you get access to the broadest collection of invoice templates for free without any costsinvolved. You can check out the list below to explore and find the format suitable for your business and make the customizations to make it match your brand’s identity.

A Better Alternative to Excel Invoice Formats

Using Excel in invoices helps in representing a lot of information in massive tables of data. It allows businesses which require complex formulae implementation in invoices seamlessly. However, the tables might not look appealing to customers, especially when too much information is not required. Some businesses often refrain from using them due to its not so appealing nature.

Invoices represent your business, and when you send them to your clients, they bring your business identity to them. You can opt for an alternative that can help you present your professionalism while maintaining your brand’s identity.

Create MS Excel Invoice Format

MS Word Invoice Format

Some recommend using word format templates due to easy layout management and simplified view. However, it lacks usability in practical terms. It is often difficult to add tables and perform calculations in it. So, the next alternative is using tools designed for creating invoices.

Generate MS Excel Invoice Format

Invoice Generator Tool

By using Vyapar online invoice generator, you can get the benefits of both Word, and Excel in it.It is very convenient and highly customizable. You can set up an invoice template in a way that it resembles with your company’s identity and look professional with an appealing style.

You can have a simple invoice solution for the short term, but if you wish to showcase your brand’s personality in your invoice, you need to opt for an invoice generator tool. Vyapar is a leading online solution that is available for free. You can get all invoice related solutions at one place with Vyapar.

Highlights: Excel Invoice Formats

Create Excel Invoice Formats

Excel invoicing provides the listed features:

  • Ready to use excel formats can be downloaded for free using Vyapar.
  • Add logo and business address to showcase the identity of your business.
  • Create printable invoices and send them to your customers.
  • Use professional formatting for enhanced user experience.
  • Built-in formulas for automatic calculations on adding items.
  • Wide range of options to choose the perfect fit for your business.
  • Complete customization to help you represent your brand through the invoice.

You can check out our excel invoice templates to choose the one that fits in your business, or you can use our invoice generator online to create a customized format.

Tax Invoice Format in Excel

Tax invoice format in excel

The tax invoice format in Excel generates an invoice for a taxable supply of products & services. Tax invoice broadly accommodates details like description of products and services purchased with applicable tax and other particulars as prescribed in the Tax invoice.

A tax invoice is a piece of primary evidence for the customer to claim an input tax credit for products and services. It serves as legal evidence of sale for the seller.

You can customise a tax invoice format in Excel to meet your unique business requirements using the Vyapar billing software. You can simultaneously share your GST invoice with your customers online and offline modes.

Tally Invoice Format in Excel

Tally invoice format in excel

The tally invoice is an essential element of the sales process for both buyer and the seller. The prime document serves as a bill for the products and services your business has provided.

As per Government of India GST laws, every seller who has obtained GST registration in India has to issue an invoice in the pre-notified format by supplying goods or services to their respective customers.

You can customise tax invoice format in tally using the Vyapar billing software, which over 1 million small business owners trust in India for daily requirements.

Sales Invoice Format in Excel

Sales invoice format in excel

The sale invoice format in Excel is used as a legal document sent to the customer with the combined list of products or services simultaneously. It includes a list and prices of products and services, any sales tax on them, and the total amount, the date before which the clients must pay.

Cost records in sales tax invoices are used to prepare the final account and sales invoice by the supplier for the client so that Clients can pay their tax invoices on time without any difficulty.

You can customise the sales tax invoice format in Excel by using the Vyapar billing software. Vyapar comes with multiple modes of payment, and you can receive your payment from clients in cheques, cash and even through the online platform Vyapar.

Sample Invoice Format in Excel

Sample invoice format in excel

A sample invoice is a template that suppliers generally use to create and send an itemised list of the goods or services provided to their buyers.

Various samples are created to meet the requirements of a variety of businesses. At the same time, you come into a business, you most of the time face what should be included in the invoice. With a sample invoice, you can get a good idea of how a custom invoice could look for your business.

You can use the Vyapar billing software to customise the sample invoice format in Excel. You can also customise your dashboard by using the multiple themes provided by Vyapar, as you can change it as per your requirement.

Service Invoice Format in Excel

Service invoice format in excel

The service invoice format in Excel is used as an accounting invoice document that a service-based business sends to its customers to request payment for its services. So simply, it makes it easier to manage accounts, and customer receives information through service invoice format.

Service invoices provide detailed information to the client with the amount owing on the invoice, the deadline for payment and a detailed list of the services offered by the supplier to the client at the specific time and date mentioned in the service invoice.

You can customise the service format in Excel as per your requirement using the Vyapar app. Vyapar app is known for its speed and accuracy, which is essential in running a modern-day business, especially service businesses.

Simple Invoice Format in Excel

Simple invoice format in excel

A simple invoice is a document that maintains a transaction record between client and supplier, such as a simple paper receipt from a store or an online form from an e-tailer.

Simple invoices work when a customer approves the purchases of products or services from a potential supplier. The details of the sale that are taking place between seller and buyer are dictated on an invoice- a document which is an official request for payment.

You can customise the simple invoice format in Excel by using the Vyapar app. Over 1 million small businesses trust Vyapar in India, and it is cost-efficient and comes with unique features at affordable prices.

Computer Invoice Format in Excel

Computer invoice format in excel

A computer invoice format in Excel is used as a free template with fields to be filled as per the sale. Such computer invoices in Excel form are easy to use for business owners.

You can download formats for computer invoices created by Vyapar for your convenience. It helps you to keep track of all the detailed real-time activities of your business. Creating an invoice format in Excel using computer invoices is effortless.

You can customise the invoice in Excel per your requirement by using the Vyapar app. Vyapar app helps GST billing and issue invoices in multiple modes to your customers.

Hotel Bill Invoice Format in Excel

hotel bill invoice format in excel

The hotel bill format in Excel is used as a statement of charges for staying in a hotel. The invoice, bill, or account is an itemised statement of money owed for services provided by the hotel during your stay.

There are lots of hotels which email you the final invoice to the customer email account. It helps the hotel customer to manage expense reports and copy for customer's records. The email can be sent directly through the Vyapar app to the customer's email as check-in or check-out happens.

You can customise hotel bill invoices by using the Vyapar billing software. You can use it simultaneously in both online and offline modes, and you don't have to worry about poor network and internet connection.

Mobile Invoice Format in Excel

Mobile invoice format in excel

Mobile invoice is used to bill customers from your mobile device so they can pay you quickly and securely for your products and services. It is a very secure and convenient method both for the seller and customer at the same time.

With the help of a digital invoice, your client receives a payment request in their email box, and they can pay online from wherever they are by entering their card information.

You can customise the mobile invoice in Excel as per your requirement by using the Vyapar billing software. Vyapar also comes with multiple modes of payment, both offline as cash and cheque and online as the UPI, Internet banking etc.

International Invoice Format in Excel

International invoice format in excel

International invoices are known as the critical component of the export paperwork. The International invoices indicate the customer and supplier of the particular goods, a description of the items, their value, and the terms or proposed terms of the sale.

Many global governments use these invoices to calculate and assess customs duties and taxes. It solves the problem of currency swaps between the international buyer and supplier.

You can customise International invoices in Excel by using the Vyapar billing software. It helps you generate invoices easily and quickly for your customer without difficulty with the payment mode.

RCM Invoice Format in Excel

MS Excel Invoice formats

RCM invoices in Excel are used when the supplier pays the tax on goods or services he supplies. Under the reverse charge mechanism, the buyer or the recipient of goods or services becomes liable to pay the tax.

The objective of shifting the burden of GST payments to the buyer for the potential goods and services widens the scope of levy of tax on various unorganised sectors, exempts specific classes of suppliers, and taxes the import of services.

You can use the Vyapar billing software to customise the RCM invoices in Excel per your requirement. You can also customise your dashboard using the multiple themes available on the Vyapar app platform.

Consultancy Invoice Format in Excel

MS Excel Invoice formats

Consulting is mentioned as the service rendered by experts in their particular field of expertise regularly and for the long term, unlike a freelancer. Due to the heavy pressure of work, consultant prefers automated solutions or software for invoicing.

The consultant's job entails advisory and execution of services, such as legal or information technology, in exchange for a fee, either one or multiple clients, for which he is either self-employed or working in a firm, he issues the consultancy invoices to their customer for the service.

Using the Vyapar billing software, you can customise the consulting invoices in Excel per your requirement. Vyapar app comes with the feature of multiple modes of offline and online payments. So it avoids the acute angle between customer and consultant mode of fees.

Contractor Invoice Format in Excel

Contractor invoice format in excel

In general, contract invoicing is the additional chargeable service that authorises the invoicing to customers at regular intervals based on a customer-specific contract.

Contract invoicing is beneficial when the sums and numbers of invoicing constantly alter due to various situations. Such as regular consulting or different kinds of license fees.

You can customise contractor invoices in Excel by using the Vyapar billing software. Vyapar app manages your cash flow efficiently as it monitors the cash flow, which keeps your business risk-free.

Event Invoice Format in Excel

Event invoice format in excel

An event invoice Excel is used by professional event planners and event planning businesses to bill clients for work related to planning an event.

The event invoice should include all important information about the event and charges for the services rendered by the particular firms by their clients.

You can customise the event invoice as per your requirement by using the Vyapar billing software. Vyapar is known for its speed and accuracy, an essential part of service businesses in this modern era.

House Rent Invoice Format in Excel

House rent invoice format in excel

A House rent invoice is a form generated to or mailed to a tenant (single, multi-family, or business rentals) once a landlord or property manager receives a rental property payment.

The landlord must maintain copies of all documents to ensure proper payment records of tenants' payments. These invoices save a lot of the landlord's accounting work.

You can customise House rent invoices in Excel by using the Vyapar billing software. As we all know, manual bookkeeping requires enormous amounts of effort and long hours for data entry. Here Vyapar automates these tasks for you and saves you lots of time.

Labour Invoice Format in Excel

Labour invoice format in excel

A labour invoice is a document by any service provider to record services and materials used to complete a job, such as a carpet cleaning service, cleaning service etc.

The labour invoice form provides contact information for both the supplier and the client, and It will also offer columns. In contrast, the supplier can itemise the materials and services to be billed to the customer once the job is complete.

You can customise the labour invoice in Excel by using the Vyapar billing software. Vyapar app comes with very High-Grade Security, which ensures your data security and provides authorised access.

Stationery Invoice Format in Excel

Stationery invoice format in excel

A stationery invoice in Excel is used when the bill is provided to the customer who purchases the stationery utensils such as pens, papers, pencils, erasers, files, charts, inks, calculators etc.

All the specific items referred to above are of great importance as they are needed in considerable quantities in schools and offices, businesses, and other workplaces. All these items are essential as they are the basic staples of any school and office.

You can customise the stationary invoice in Excel by using it per your requirement in Vyapar billing software. Vyapar app helps you to manage and track and manage your inventory effectively.

Taxi Invoice Format in Excel

Taxi invoice format in excel

A taxi invoice refers to the form given by a taxi firm to a taxi driver that accommodates a list of expenses and fees due, which can include a vehicle lease payment, gas, and fare split. These taxi invoice payments are generally due at the end of each week or the end of the month, payable to the taxi service by the firm.
Depending on the size and location of the taxi firm, it may work under the two business models.
Fare Split – All money made from each ride is split between the taxi driver and the firm hired.
Vehicle Lease – The taxi services leases a vehicle to a taxi driver each month for a particular set of amounts offered to the driver by the firm.

You can customise the taxi invoice in Excel by using the Vyapar billing software. You can operate Vyapar in both online and offline mode. So you don't have to worry about poor internet connection and network while travelling across India for business purposes.

Purchase Invoice Format in Excel

MS Excel Invoice formats

A purchase invoice in Excel is used in conjunction with a purchase order. It indicates how much money the customer owes to the seller. Purchase invoices are also known by other names such as bills, statements or sales.

A purchase invoice is usually put out similar to any other type of bill you may receive, as it describes the products and services purchased, the number of each item and the price of the products.

You can customise the purchase invoice in Excel using the Vyapar billing software. You can also customise your dashboard using the Vyapar app, which provides you with multiple themes you can choose as your preference.

Transport Invoice Rormat in Excel

MS Excel Invoice formats

Transport invoices, also known as Freight invoices, are a document issued by the carrier. It has information such as the description of the freight carrying the goods, point of origin of load, name of the shipper, the shipment's weight, charges applied and more.

Logistics managers and the accounts team deal with invoice processing regularly to issue the transport invoices so that they can run their business smoothly without friction with their clients.

You can customise the transport invoice by using Vyapar billing software. Vyapar efficient inventory management helps you manage and track your inventory effectively; Vyapar's dashboard will provide you with real-time insights into your stock inventory.

Proforma Invoice Format in Excel

Proforma invoice format in excel

A pro forma invoice in Excel is used as a preliminary bill of sale sent to customers before a shipment or delivery of goods. Proforma invoices typically describe the purchased items and other essential details, such as the shipping weight and transport charges.

These invoices are often used for international transactions, especially customs imports. A pro forma invoice differs from the simple price quotation as it is primarily used as a binding agreement, although the terms of sale are subject to change.

You can customise a proforma invoice in Excel as per your requirement by using the Vyapar billing software. Vyapar app allows you to manage multiple bank accounts single-handedly on the Vyapar app. It is easy to use, and the best thing is you don't require any technical knowledge.

Export Invoice in Excel Format

MS Excel Invoice formats

An exporter uses export invoices in Excel invoice for exporting goods and services. Supplying goods and services to the customer outside India is in a foreign currency. The export invoice is very similar in format and particulars if we compare it to the standard tax invoice under GST.

There is no compulsion for the states that export invoices only have to be issued in foreign currency. Therefore, there is a possibility that exporters may issue the invoice in INR as well.

You can customise the export invoice in Excel by using the Vyapar formats. Vyapar app provides you with multiple modes of payment in both online and offline ways so that you can easily carry on transactions with your customers without facing any difficulty with payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make an Invoice in Excel with invoice format?

Do you want to generate a unique invoice format in Excel? You can do it quickly by following these seven steps:
Step 1: Download free “Excel format invoice template” from Vyapar
Step 2: Open the downloaded .xls template in Microsoft Excel
Step 3: Rename your invoice according to your standard business practice
Step 4: Do complete customization from logo, contact information, company address, remarks and various other minute details
Step 5: Once you set up your customized excel template format, copy it and create your first client invoice
Step 6: Add details relevant to the service or purchase made by your customer
Step 7: Save the file in your database

Adding detailed information and branding your invoice requires additional skills; you can refer to these points to generate a professional Excel invoice. Here’s how you can improve your invoice seamlessly and make your clients remember that they used your products or services.

  • Add your business logo in a spacious place.
  • Insert contact information and company name.
  • List all the products and services separately.
  • Enter the description of each product or service in your client’s purchase.
  • List pricing and calculation for all items in the list and give a total.
  • Mention GST and other taxes if applicable.
  • Attach the privacy terms and business policies for customer reference.
  • Cross-check minute details and ensure nothing is left out.

  • Once you follow these points, you can create better customizations within your invoice. Try to experiment more than once to ensure that it is the best in-house design. If you are not satisfied, you can use an invoice generator online.

    How to send your invoice in Excel to your customers?

    Once created, you are ready to send your Excel invoice to your customers. Follow these steps:
    Step 1: Open the file saved in .xls format within your device
    Step 2: Cross check and verify the details mentioned in the invoice
    Step 3: Open your email and insert the Excel template or print the Excel invoice to send it to your client
    Step 4: Sit back and get paid for your invoice, send reminders to improve chances of getting paid on time

    Want to boost invoicing for your business, try out Vyapar invoice generator now!

    How do I download the bill format in Excel?

    Bill format comes in different formats such as Excel, Word and MS Word. If you want to download a bill format for your PC, you can use the Vyapar platform to download the Billing format.