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Most billing and invoicing software in the market are made for big enterprises and their requirements. It is very rare to find an accounting tool that is made specifically for small to medium enterprises.

Vyapar is a GST billing and invoicing software that was made keeping in mind the needs of small and medium businesses.

Hardware shops provide us with important tools that make our lives easier. By the end of this article, you will find out how Vyapar’s accounting software tool makes the life of a hardware shop owner easier.

Vyapar software is available for Windows PC and Android mobile.

Download Billing Software for Hardware Stores

Here are top 5 Features that make Vyapar the Perfect Billing Software for your Hardware Store

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Inventory Management

Vyapar’s billing and invoicing tool comes built-in with an inventory management system. This makes your life as a hardware shop owner simpler as you can track and manage items based on many filters.

Details like batch number, expiry date, manufacturing date, slot number, size, and many other details can be used to manage your inventory. You can easily set up live alerts for low stock quantities to manage your stock of goods as transactions take place. Vyapar software allows you to manage products as well as services.

The best part? You don’t have to manually re-enter inventory data and supplier/customers if you have an excel sheet of it. Simply import it on our platform and you’re all set to continue carrying out your business.

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GST Filing

Dealing with GST can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. With Vyapar’s software, GST filing has been made extremely easy for everyone. You don’t need to have a technical understanding of GST, just what applies to you.
You can quickly generate all GST reports using the Vyapar app like GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, GSTR4, and GSTR9 without the need for an extra employee.
This allows you to conduct your hardware business stress-free without worrying too much about the GST filing process.

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Mobile App

While most accounting software requires you to have a desktop, Vyapar can be used for free on your smartphone.
Although our software is also available on Desktop with added capabilities, the mobile app version has been made keeping in mind the ease of use for business owners.
You can also access premium features of Vyapar android app by paying a small annual subscription fee.

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Multiple Payment Modes

Can have payment information printed such as UPI Id, QR code, bank details, etc. This way your clients are able to pay you at their convenience. Vyapar also let you manage cheque payments along with the cash.

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Delivery Challan

If you have to deliver some goods to your customers, the Vyapar software also helps you create a delivery challan that encompasses all the details such as the quantity of goods being delivered. You can also create an E-way bill from Vyapar.

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Payment Reminders

No more running behind your clients to receive payments. Using Vyapar, you can seamlessly set up payment reminders for your customers to make payments before the due date.
The reminders can be sent based on your customer’s convenience including WhatsApp and SMS.