Billing Software for Ice Cream Parlour

Billing Software for Icecream Parlours
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Free Billing Software for Ice Cream Parlour

Ice cream parlours in India have become an extremely profitable business model; provided you know what you're doing and have excellent support systems in order for your venture to grow.

Any type of business requires an easy-to-use accounting software that aids them in gauging short term and long term financial health.

Download Billing Software for Icecream Parlours

Best Features of Billing Software for Ice Cream Parlour

Vyapar is a versatile software that goes beyond the basic capabilities of other billing and invoicing tools in the market. If you're wondering how, we've listed below a few aspects of our tool that'll help your ice cream parlour business thrive.

Inventory Management, Billing Software for Ice Cream Parlour

Inventory Management

Making sure that you don't run out of ice cream to serve customers is very important. Vyapar's inventory management feature will allow you to easily keep track of your stock requirements.
Seeing someone enthusiastically walk into your store only to find out that their favourite flavour is out of stock is truly disappointing. To avoid this, you can set the minimum stock quantity your store should have. If the stock quantity goes lower than this minimum value, our system will show you a ‘low stocks’ value that’ll help you restock in time so that you don’t miss out on business.
Items can easily be tracked through their barcodes, MRP, expiry dates or other important attributes.

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Party Management

Dealing with multiple vendors? Is it getting tough to recall who owes you money, who you owe money, and so on and so forth?
Now you can give your brain a rest by letting Vyapar do the heavy memory lifting. You can easily create separate parties through which you can keep track of when you purchased or sold something to them and how much you paid or received from them.
Along with this you can also send payment reminders over email and SMS to receivable parties.

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Online Store

Given that we've been through a rough pandemic, not everyone still feels safe roaming outside. In this situation walk-in customers for your ice cream parlour might be low, but you can make up for it by creating an online store on Vyapar.

It's so simple, you can do it on your mobile as well. The process looks something like this:
- Open the Vyapar app and choose 'My Online Store' from the Menu bar.
- Select items (products/services) from the inventory list
- Add different items with their name, price, quantity, image, and description.
- Once you've added all the items that you can deliver, publish the store.
- You will get a link to your newly created online store that you can share
with your customers through channels like WhatsApp, SMS, email, messenger, etc.
Now your loyal customers will be able to order from you right from the safety of their homes.

Professional Billing Software for Icecream Parlours

Thermal & Laser Printer Compatibility

Digital might be the new norm, but most businesses require physical print copies of bills and invoices as they cannot be tampered or changed once printed.
Keeping this in mind, we've made sure that invoices and bills through Vyapar are thermal and laser printer compatible. Vyapar also allows you to share invoices over Email and WhatsApp.

Reporting, Billing Software for Ice Cream Parlour


Be it a day's business or the entire month or the entire financial year. Through our mobile app or the desktop version, you can easily generate reports that help you analyse your financial health and make the right decisions to move forward.

Here's a list of some of the different types of reports you can create:
1. Sales report
2. Purchase report
3. Day book
4. Profit & Loss
5. Balance sheet
6. Cash flow
7. Party statement
8. GST reports
9. Tax reports
10. Expense reports
And many more! The list is quite extensive.

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Multiple Payment Modes

With multiple payment methods available in Vyapar, you can easily help your clients complete transactions faster, making your business more cash flow positive.