Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method

Easily download Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method to manage your cash flow efficiently. You can also use Vyapar App for all your business requirements like Billing, Accounting, and Inventory Management. Avail of your 15 Days Free Trial Now!

Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method
Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method

Easily download Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method to manage your cash flow efficiently. You can also use Vyapar App for all your business requirements like Billing, Accounting, and Inventory Management. Avail of your 15 Days Free Trial Now!

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What is a Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method?

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The cash flow statement format direct method is one of two accounting methods that is used to create a cash flow statement formats. The statement of cash flows direct method does not convert the operational section from accrual accounting to a cash basis.

Instead, the direct method for cash flow management uses real cash inflows and outflows from the company’s activities. When income is earned, it automatically gets recorded by using accrual accounting.

How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method?

Prepare a Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method

As with the indirect method, preparing a statement of cash flows using the direct method is made much easier. If specific steps get followed in sequence. Below is a summary of those steps to complete the operating section of the statement of cash flows under direct method:

Direct Method Steps:

Complete the headings and categories section of the operating activities. The example below includes categories based on the nature of the revenue and expenses.

  • One way to determine cash flows in or out is to use a balance sheet and create three additional columns: 

  1. Income Statement (I/S) Accounts, 
  2. Changes to Working Capital (WC) and Accounts and Net Cash Flows In (Out).  
  3. The manner in which the amounts are determined should result in the same cash flow impact.
  • Starting with the top of the income statement.

  1. Record each income statement with line items, which amount to the most appropriate direct method category in the I/S Accounts column. 
  2. These would include sales, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, non-operating revenue, and various expense items. 
  3. Any non-cash items are recorded only as memo items in the column. These include depreciation, amortization, and most gains or losses. 
  4. Such as gains or losses from the sale of assets, gains or losses from the redemption of debt, impairment losses, and from fair value changes reported in net income. The I/S Accounts column total must be equal to net income.
  • Under the Changes to Working Capital Accounts. 

  1.  Record the net change amount for each non-cash working capital account (current assets and liabilities) except for the “current portion of long-term debt” line item.
  2. As it is not a working capital account, it adds to its corresponding long-term liability.
  3.  Also, record as an adjustment any additional non-cash items found in net income arising from the analysis of the non-current asset, liability, and equity accounts. 
  4. The obvious non-cash items get recorded as memo items only in Step 3, but other non-cash items uncover when analyzing the non-current assets, liabilities, and equity accounts. 
  5. When these are discovered, they must get recorded as an adjustment to the net income in this column.
  • Under the Net Cash Flows In (Out), calculate each direct method category’s net cash flows amount.
  • Calculate the subtotal of the operating activities section and transfer the information to the statement of cash flows operating activities section.

Advantages of Using a Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method

Advantages of Direct Cashflow Statement

Using the cash flow statement format direct method have the following advantages given down below:


Helps Record Cash Receipts and Payments:

When compared to the cash flow statement, which does not enable you to perform activities like recording and operating cash receipts and payments seamlessly.

On the other hand, the direct method is more in line with the purpose of a statement of cash flows, which is “to provide information regarding cash receipts and cash payment.”


Assists With Prediction Models For Your Business:

Cash flow statement format direct method disclosures help with your business’s prediction models because if direct method information is essential, sophisticated users may be able to use their power to get the needed information from reporting entities.

The direct method gives investors a better idea of future earnings and cash flows because the stock price is considered to be more informative. This information adds to what is shown in the indirect cash flows section.


Enables Us to Know About Cash Collections:

The cash flow statement format direct method is also helpful in informing the business organization as to whether or not the amount of cash collected from clients is increasing or decreasing.

In addition, it allows you to compare the same kinds of cash receipts and payments across different organizations on an annual basis, at the very least.


Better Representation of Your Cash Cycle:

A cash flow statement with a direct method is also beneficial in aiding you with a better depiction of an entity’s cash cycle for credit grantors and a more user-friendly format for managers who need to possess extensive accounting knowledge.

The direct method can help you with both of these things. It gives a prominent picture of your company’s cash cycle seamlessly.


Gives You a Better Analysis:

It is a constructive method with the cash inflow and outflow cycle inside your company. It gives the variance analysis by allowing the cash budget to be connected to the cash flows report, which in turn draws attention to the trustworthy source of any difficulties.

Additionally, the direct method makes it easier to conduct sensitivity analyses of cash flows in response to variations in volume. This is because changes in activity may have a variety of effects on gross cash receipts and cash payments.

How to Choose the Best Cash Flow Statement Software?

Choose Best Cash flow statement software

Choosing the best cash management software for your business is a very tricky task. Here are the following steps that help you to go for the best possible cash management software for your business:


Look Out For Authority, Trust, and Experience:

It would be best if you did some research before you chose a cash management platform. When you start looking for cash management software. You should look at their websites first. 

When you look at the sites, ask yourself: What kind of services are provided? Is it easy to understand what’s being offered? What are the unique selling points (USPs) of the provider? Do you agree with what’s being said?

Customer testimonials, references, use cases, and success stories can also tell you more about the businesses and industries already using the accounting software successfully. But it’s just as important to look at things other than a company’s website.


Keep Your Business Scalability in Mind:

Every growing startup has its own situation, goals, growth path, and customers. Because of this, you need to choose the right cash management software for your business startup. It’s okay to be a little selfish.

Find out your goals before trying to figure them out. It will help you reach these goals very easily. It is better to think: What would it look like if everything went 100% right, 100% on time, 100% on budget, and met 100% of your expectations?

Think about the best possible outcome in terms of financing activities, securing income taxes, cash payments, and financial statements, etc., before you think about what can’t be done. Then, work backward to see what is possible.


Go For Software Which is Flexible and Easily Adaptable:

One of the essential things that helps scaling startups grow is how quickly they can set up their cash management infrastructure to scale. Often, this becomes a significant bottleneck because software implementations were rushed during the seed stage or because of staffing problems.

One of the easiest ways to “break the bottleneck” is to find a software partner that has experience scaling and knows how to deal with the problems that come with it. Such companies will know you and your needs, be flexible enough to meet them, and be able to adapt quickly to your specific use cases.

As you look for a software partner, make sure to check to see if they can make their service fit your needs (like increased productivity and freeing up internal resources). There are a few vendors out there that are flexible, work across industries, offer the features you need, can be set up quickly, and put an emphasis on close personal cooperation.


Provides Better Customer Support:

The best cash management software efficiently manages your company’s cash flow from operating activities. These days software companies know that their work starts once they have a customer.

Then, they must work with your company to make sure the tool is used correctly, train your employees on how to use it, provide ongoing customer support, and always listen to see if you have any feedback or suggestions. In other words, they make plans to work together for a long time. They make sure that their tool helps your business, and if it doesn’t, they help you fix it.

You’re better off with a smaller, less well-known company that will always be there to make sure you’re happy than with an industry giant that puts you in the middle of automated, time-consuming customer service calls whenever you have a question or problem.


Check If It Completely Suits Your Business Requirement:

As we briefly talked about before, make sure to check how flexible and helpful the provider is. But instead of thinking about how adaptable and flexible the software is, you should think about what their company is like–The group you’re working with? How do they run their business? What do they see?

You should also check– whether this cash management software assists your business’s unique situation and goals into account before making changes to its platform. This shows that they care about what’s best for their customers. They don’t just want to offer generic solutions. Instead, they want to help their customers improve the way they do business.

Second, can you see through them? If the system goes down for no reason, will they tell you the truth about what happened? Or do they make excuses and refuse to be responsible? Even the most prominent companies sometimes need to catch up on what their customers want.

Why Choose Vyapar Cash Management Software For Your Business?

Choose Vyapar Cash Management Software

Vyapar is the best cash management software available in the market. Here are the following things that make Vyapar unique from the other available software  on the internet:

Manage Your Cash Flow:

In modern-day business, the most important thing is to keep track of the net cash flow. Vyapar cash management software assists the company in keeping track of money by using the Vyapar business dashboard.

Vyapar’s business dashboard lets you check that you can cover your current expenses for a month or two ahead of time. It also assists your business in finding out about cash-in-hand, stock value, bank balance and other critical details of your business’s financial health in one place. 

With such information, you can make informed decisions for your business. Eventually, it leads to better management of cash inflows and outflows inside your business seamlessly.

Send Payment Reminders:

With the app’s reminder feature, you can let your customers know when they need to pay you back. It will help remind them via WhatsApp and email of how much is still owed and when it’s due.

With the payment reminder feature of the Vyapar cash flow statement format direct method, many small and medium-sized business owners were able to get paid faster. The app has features that work together to ensure that the dues don’t affect the business’s cash flow. You can make reports to change your business plans based on how much cash is coming in.

It is so easy to use the Vyapar software for the cash flow statement format direct method. Many small business owners use our app as their only way to send invoice formats. They think that Vyapar is the best software for cash management. Because the app’s features help their business. It gets rid of the need for multiple apps.

Create GST Bills and Invoices:

Vyapar is different from most cash management software. It lets you make bills and invoices in just a few minutes. The best part is that you won’t have to train for hours because the process is easy. You can choose from 10 or more GST invoice formats and billing formats in the app to make bills that look professional and are your own.

Vyapar is the best free software for GST billing. It has several valuable features for management, billing, and accounting. SMEs can work hard to run their businesses when they use the app. Your business can stand out from the rest with fully customized invoices that follow GST rules.

The best billing software for cash flow statement format direct method makes it easy for business owners to send out bills. Vyapar comes with both an Android app and Windows software that it can use to do this. Android mobile users don’t have to pay for the basic accounting features they need every day.

Keep Track of Your Expenses:

Keeping track of expenses is easy with our free cash management app. Businesses can easily find ways to spend less money and save more money. Our free software for cash flow statement format direct method helps to keep track of both GST and non-GST costs.

Also, Vyapar’s cash management solutions have a number of advantages over those of competitors. It helps you cut costs and make as much money as possible. The free software for cash flow statement format direct method is an excellent way to keep track of expenses that are still due quickly. It also helps keep track of them in the future.

Our free mobile app is suitable for businesses that are growing. It helps them keep their money in order. By using GST billing software to track expenses, the company can find the best way to spend money. It’s a way to save money. Keeping track of costs will also help you make better plans.

Additional Useful Features in Cash Flow Management Software

Multiple Payment Options:

You can choose the payment options provided by Vyapar software for the cash flow statement format direct method that your customers are most likely to choose, or you can give them all of them. As one way to pay, you can include a QR code on the invoice that your customers can use to send a payment to the UPI id on the invoice. You can also put your bank account information in the app.

Your customers can pay in ways that are easy for them, like bank transfers (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS). You can quickly receive cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards. It’s best to give customers all the ways to pay. It makes sure that your customers will be able to pay you quickly.

It will help you give your customers better credit and get them to buy more from you. It’s a great way to gain customers’ trust since they’ll choose you over others who give them fewer choices.


Account Payable and Receivable:

A professional, free Vyapar cash management software allows customers to keep track of all transaction data and effortlessly monitor cash flow. You now have a more secure method for protecting your transaction details.

Free Vyapar Software for cash flow statement format direct method permits the party to monitor account receivable and payables. Using the company dashboard in the GST mobile app, you may watch the money you ‘need to receive’ and ‘need to pay’ in the Vyapar app.

You can quickly determine who has yet to repay you and establish payment reminders to ensure timely payment from these consumers, and you may send free payment reminders by WhatsApp, SMS, and email to any party. Easily you can offer all types of online payment options for seamless dues collection. Additionally, it will allow you to save time on daily duties.


Add Multiple Bank Accounts:

Vyapar allows you to easily add, manage, and track online and offline payments. The tasks become simpler if customers use an easy-to-use, free mobile app for GST billing and operating cash flow. Whether your revenue comes from banks or e-wallets, you can quickly enter information into the free cash management software.

For seamless cash flow management, you can send or receive cash via bank accounts and make bank-to-bank transfers. Therefore, it is excellent for firms utilizing the Vyapar app for cash flow statement format direct method to track all cash-ins and cash-outs.

Free billing and free business accounting software can also be accessed from a mobile device anyplace with internet availability. Vyapar’s free cash management solution allows you to alter the amount and manually manage cheque payments manually.


Allows You to Set up Online Store:

Using the free Vyapar software for the cash flow statement format direct method, you may set up your online store in a few hours. Using our mobile cash management application, you may show a catalogue of all the services/products you sell to your consumers and increase your online sales.

In addition, the Vyapar cash management software does not charge for the use of online store features that assist you in taking your business online. Customers can use the link to your online store to place orders and then pick up the products once they are packed from your store.

Using the online shop function of the GST cash management app for your business will save client wait time at the store counter since you will have the customer’s package wrapped before they arrive. You can attract more local clients by using the Vyapar online store to bring your business online.


Keeps Your Data Safe and Protected:

Keeping data secure is a thing that is of utmost importance for businesses nowadays, as data is the foundation of a company. You may build reports and analyze sales statistics for future growth opportunities using your sales data.

However, losing this data might negatively impact your business and sales. Therefore you must create backups to ensure that all data is secure. Consequently, our free software for cash flow statement format direct method in India allows you to configure an automatic backup of data, thereby ensuring the security of app-stored data.

You can occasionally build a local backup for added security, which would help secure your data in a personal place such as a flash drive or hard disc. Using the free accounting app for the cash flow statement format direct method, you can protect your business by configuring automatic backups or performing secure backups on time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Cash Flow Statement Format Direct Method With an Example?

The statement of cash flows direct method does not change the operational section from accrual accounting to a cash basis; instead, it uses real cash inflows and outflows from the company’s activities. When income is earned rather than when a customer pays, it is recorded using accrual accounting.

How Do You Write a Cash Flow Statement Using the Direct Method?

The most straightforward format of the direct method does something that looks:

  • Cash Flow from Revenue – Cash Payments for Expenses = Income Before Income Taxes
  • Income Before Income Taxes – Cash Payment for Income Taxes = Net Cash Flow From Operating Activities

How Do You Tell If a Cash Flow Statement is Direct or Indirect?

A cash flow statement indicates changes in cash receipts and payments are known as direct cash flow. To calculate an implied cash flow, indirect cash flow uses net income and multiplies or divides it by changes in non-cash transactions.

Which Method is Better For a Cash Flow Statement?

Most companies prefer the indirect method because it is faster and more closely linked to the balance sheet. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), on the other hand, accept both ways (IFRS).

What is the Difference Between the Direct and Indirect Methods in Cash Flow?

A cash flow statement’s reported changes in receipts and payments are known as direct cash flow. To calculate an inferred cash flow, indirect cash flow uses net income and multiplies or divides it by changes in non-cash transactions.

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