Vertical Balance Sheet Format in PDF

A business sheet can help determine the financial outlook of an organization. You can enhance your business performance and improve the company's financial stability using the Vertical Balance Sheet Format in PDF by the Vyapar app. It is a free app for invoicing, invoicing, and accounting.

Vertical Balance Sheet Format in PDF

What is a Vertical Balance Sheet?

A vertical balance sheet presents an accounting report in a single column of numbers. A company's balance sheet format in which the equities and liabilities are at the top while assets are at the bottom is known as Vertical Balance Sheet Format.

The vertical PDF format of the balance sheet displays the company's financial position, and you can use it to compare the previous years' data. Comparing two vertical balance sheets and evaluating the working capital changes is easy.

How to read a company's balance sheet?

Tally balance sheet format

The structure of the Vyapar vertical balance sheet of the company includes two sections:

  • Liabilities and Equities (Sources of funds)
  • Assets (Uses of funds)

The basic formula of the accounting equation is Capital + Liabilities = Assets.

The liabilities show what the company owes to the stakeholders, and the assets demonstrate what the company owns. Both assets and liabilities can be long-term or short-term.

The short-term or current assets and liabilities occur for less than a year, while the long-term assets and liabilities stay with a company for more than a year.

At the top of the balance sheet, sources of funds like equity, preference shares, and debentures are shown, followed by short-term debt and long-term debt. The use of the fund section involves all the company's assets, fixed and current.

Difference between vertical and horizontal balance sheet:

  • In the Horizontal balance sheet structure, all the accounting information is presented across the page from left to right. In contrast, the data is from top to bottom in the vertical format.

  • The horizontal balance sheet format has two sides: the left is for liabilities, and the right is for assets. The vertical balance sheet contains a single side, in which liabilities are on top, followed by the assets.

  • The horizontal balance sheet format makes it difficult to compare the previous year's data because it only includes the current year's data. Comparison of the vertical balance sheet is easy as it involves the past year's data.

Vertical Balance Sheet Formats in PDF

Vertical Balance Sheet Formats in PDF

Vertical Balance Sheets created using PDF files follow a set format to create a similar balance sheet every time. An individual can customize a PDF balance sheet format and create a standard pattern to follow. You can create multiple balance sheets using the same formatting. You can build a unique vertical balance sheet format for your business and follow the uniform format for indicating shareholder's equity across all the business units. It also eases the task of your accounting team.

Benefits of using the Vyapar App:

Track your business activity

In the manual accounting process, getting a quick, accurate, and updated business performance analysis is difficult. With the use of the Vyapar business dashboard, the management process becomes seamless. You can track your activity like business cash flow, inventory status, and payment updates on the single app.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

The Vyapar app offers multiple payment options so that you can provide the convenience of choices to customers. Your debtors can make the payment through UPI, QR, NEFT, IMPS, eWallet, and credit/debit cards, and it will reduce the chance of bad debts.

Build a positive brand image

The Vyapar vertical balance sheet format in PDF generator is an automatic accounting app that reduces manual work through automation. You can generate customized professional quotes and estimates and provide disclosure, which builds a positive brand image of the company, and leaves a good impression on the clients.

Online/Offline billing software

With the help of cloud-based accounting, authorized users can access the app from anywhere, 24/7. The Vyapar app is also available offline, so users don't need to stop their daily operations due to weak internet connectivity. This app can generate bills, quotations, and vertical balance sheets format in PDF formats.

Features of the Vyapar balance sheet generator:

Record Expenses

It is essential to track the expenses of the business, and the Vertical Balance Sheet Format app makes it easier to track the costs. The Vyapar app is an excellent option for recording and optimizing business expenditure and saving money. It will also help you in creating business reports and filing taxes.

Receivables and Payable

Users can track business cash flow and maintain transaction details using free billing and accounting software. The app allows you to track party-wise receivables and payables. It's easy to check the money you have to receive and the money you need to pay. You can receive and make payments through different modes and set a reminder for the same.

Bank Accounts

You can enter your revenue data from banks or e-wallets quickly with the help of the Vertical Balance Sheet Format in PDF. Sending and receiving money with bank accounts and performing bank-to-bank transfers are convenient ways to manage cash flow smoothly. It is easy to manage credit cards, overdrafts, and loan accounts using the Vyapar app. You can also deposit and withdraw money in the bank account.

Business Reports

Businesses are required to make informed decisions, and they need detailed reports to ensure development and growth. Vyapar has a balance sheet, enhancing your business's operational efficiency since you can export the reports in PDF or Excel. The Vyapar app has 37+ different outlets for business reports that you can use to present your information.

Automatic data backup

The Vyapar accounting app accurately stores your data and is 100% safe. Creating local, external, or online Google Drive backups lets you keep your data secure. Moreover, the app encrypts the data with added security, so only the authorized user can access it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using the Vyapar vertical balance sheet maker app?

Vyapar vertical balance sheet in PDF format saves time and keeps all your accounting details in one app. The app facilitates cash and online digital payments like UPI, NEFT, card payments, QR codes, e-wallets, etc. It verifies that all data and calculations are correct.

What is the significance of the Vyapar balance sheet formats?

The vertical balance sheet is a crucial document to know liquidity, leverage, efficiency, and rates of return, and it helps in multiple business processes and financial planning.

What are the balance sheet and income statement?

A balance sheet shows a picture of the business's financial position by representing the organization's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity at any particular time. An income statement reveals the company's expenses and revenue during a specific period.

Can I export Vyapar app data into the Tally software?

Yes. You can export data to Tally directly from the Vyapar app and use it for your accounting requirements.

Does Vyapar work offline?

Vyapar works perfectly without the internet, making it suitable for all business owners. You don't have to worry about a lack of internet access or connectivity in any remote location you plan.