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How to Use Vyapar for Inventory Management of General Store?

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As we have seen, the general store is a very needful and economical household business shop. Containing items like Kirana items, clothes, small electrical items, and medicines, etc. Here you will find the vast no of category items. Knowing the inventory of the items, judging the customer demand, maintaining party outstanding, tracking history, and management is very difficult for any business owner/partner.

Do you have a General Store? If you are facing issues in managing your store Inventory and customer demands? Don’t worry!!! You are in the right platform. Here you can manage your general store business!!! with the Best General Store Inventory & Billing Software

Nowadays everyone is trying to make their business digital and reach maximum number of customers. Then what are you looking for. Start your business with India’s Best inventory, billing, GST, and Accounting software. With the help of Vyapar app now your business will be on your Fingertips. Download General Store billing and inventory management software on mobile & desktop for free.

# How to create your Company?

Go to the left menu > at the top left corner click on “My Company” and add your company details. Like 

  • Add your company LOGO

  • Company name 

  • Company Description

  • Contact Details

  • Email ID

Click on the “More Information” option and add additional information like 

  • Business address

  • State 

  • GSTIN number

  • Business category

  • Business type

  • Company/Business Authorised Signature

# How to Maintain Party and Party Balance?

Most likely the general store will have maximum availability in rural areas and small cities. Here most of the sales will be in the credit sale and there may be chances of payback after one month, two months, etc. To track the history of the party you need to create the party. So that you can easily track the records and outstandings and get payments on the expected time. 

Go to the left menu > Parties > Create a new party > Enter all details > click on save button

# How to Add Multiple Parties at a Time? (Importing the parties)

In Vyapar app one more way to add all parties in bulk through Excel sheets. Just by entering all the details of the parties in Excel.

Go to the left menu > Utilities > Import Parties 

Download the Excel Template > reopen the saved excel Sheet & enter all party details in the excel sheet and save it in your local folder. 

Now get back to Vyapar, go to utilities > Import Parties > Click on the “Click here to browse” option > select the saved file from its location > Now check the details and if there is zero error then Click on the Import parties button > Click on OK

Now parties have been “Imported Successfully” in the Vyapar application.

After importing, the parties will be listed as shown below. for the quick access you are able to check each party balance as it is visible in front of each party name.

Red – You need to pay that much amount

Green – You need to collect the amount

# How to Use Payment Reminder to get paid on Time?

It will definitely help you to maintain the business relation & customer relation better and save your time as well. It also helps to collect the credit money from the customers by informing them earlier. You can send the payment reminder to your parties by SMS, WhatsApp Message. 

You can set the reminder date for you as well as for your parties. 

We have also provided the option for the bulk payment reminder. It helps to save your time and you can remind every party with just a click.

# How to add items & Why it is Important?

In common most of the General stores have more sales with low-profit margin. Hence, normally storing the maximum inventory in small spaces. It is really difficult to know the exact inventory, low stock items & more demanding items. That’s why we need to maintain the Stock inventory efficiently 

Go to the left menu > Items > Add Item/ Add your first product. > Enter all the related details of the particular item > Click on save button

You can maintain the products/items as per different categories. To create the category go to the left menu > Settings > Items > Enable Item Category. 

Now go to the Items in the left menu > “category” > create the category.

As you can see demo items listed below. If you click on any item then you are able to check sale price, purchase price, stock quantity, stock value and transactions made by that particular items for your quick access. 

Check Items List > HERE

# How to add Multiple items at a time? (Import Items)

One more option in here to add the all types of items in a bulk. And you can also upload the all items/commodities through Excel Sheet. Follow below step to import:

In the left menu > Utilities > Import Item > Download the excel template > Save excel template in the local folder > Reopen the Excel > add all item details > Save excel file

Reopen Vyapar application > Utilities > Import Items > click on “click here to browse” option > Select excel file that you have updated & saved earlier with all product/items details > Make sure that there is no error > click on the “import__valid items” button > Click on Ok

Now the items have been Imported Successfully.

# How To Create My Online Store?

Nowadays everything is going digital. Let’s start your general store to be online when it is available completely free !!! It helps your end customers to catch you easily. He can view the product available in your store. Online stores will directly address the customer that these products are available here. It saves the time of the customer. Indirectly it grows your market in the online and you will start getting the orders from many people and it also helps your customer to check your item prices. Your customers can place the order through this catalogue link and at the same time that order will be notified in the software.

Go to the left menu > My Online Store> Select the items you want to show on the screen (Here you can add or remove items by time whenever it is required) > Click on the “Create Online Store” button 

Here is a View of your product catalog. These categories will help your end customers to redirect them to the particular items.

You can also do changes in online stores by clicking on Edit store > Store settings like accept online order or not, enable set minimum order amount to receive order for minimal amount, enable additional charges if any applicable.

Share the link with your clients or customers through any social media channel like WhatsApp, email, Instagram, etc.

Now, you can see how it is visible for your customers. (View of both desktop and mobile screens)

# How to make the transactions?

With Vyapar you can create all types of transactions like sale, purchase, sale/purchase orders, estimation/Quotation, delivery challan, sale/purchase return, expenses, Other income, payment-in and payment-out etc.

Here is a sample how to enter your first sale

Go to the left menu > Sale  > Add your first Sale Invoice

Enter the below details like

1. Select the sale type cash or credit sale at the top left corner

2. Enter/Select the party 

3. Select the Items > Add tax details > enter all required details > click on “Save” button

# How to Link the Payments with Transactions?

As you are creating the credit sales, you will get the payments later (payment-in) or you can make the payments later (payment-out). Later it is more confusing to remember a particular payment is against which particular invoice. The link payment option helps you to link the invoice with the particular payments so that you will get the payment history and avoid future disputes.

To enable the link payment option

Go to the left menu > Settings > Transaction > Link payment to invoices

Now go to any old payment receipts or while creating any payment receipts you will get the option of “Link payment”. Click on the link payment button and select the invoices belongs to this payment 

You can also link the advance amount with the current sale/purchase invoice. From the bottom left corner by clicking on the “Link payment” and select the advance payments belonging to the current invoice.

# How to check the Reports 

Accounting is also a part of business management. It is very tough work to do accounting for the business. In Vyapar you will get automated reports. All reports will be updated automatically after each and every transaction. Here you will get all the reports in the excel and pdf format. For the sales and expenses you will get the graph report additionally. To check the reports-

Go to the left menu > Reports 

Here is the list of the most viewed reports by any general store business owner. 

  • Sale report

  • Purchase report 

  • Daybook 

  • All transaction report 

  • Profit and Loss

  • Sale aging report 

  • Cash flow 

  • Balance sheet 

you can get these reports instantly in PDF formats and some of the reports in Excel and Graphs.

Party related Report

  • Party Statement

  • All party report 

 All types of GST reports

If you are registered under a regular scheme you will get these GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3b & GSTR-9 reports in the menu. 

If you are registered under the composition scheme and already selected that from Settings > Taxes & GST > Enable “Composition Scheme” you will get these GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-9A reports in the Reports Section.

Item/Stock Report

Here we have some reports that are likely needed for the General store.

  • Stock summary (Here you can see your current stock quantity and Stock value and Sale and purchase details)

Low stock Details 

Stock detail report 

Some other important useful reports for inventory management

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