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How to start a “Grocery Store” successfully in India?

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Looking to start a small scale business which guarantees good profits with a good number of customers? Then hurry!!! it is the perfect time to start a Grocery Store or an Indian Supermarket.

In India, with the population increase, the purchasing power of the population also increases.  A small business idea to make good usage of the present market condition would be a Grocery Store

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Here’s a list of what must be checked to start a Grocery Store:

  • If your annual turnover < 20 lakhs, get your grocery store or supermarket business GST registration done to obtain your 15 digit GST.
  • Most businesses avoid Non-GST companies as every transaction is documented and this can end up in tax violations. It is always better to stick to the tax rules made by the government to avoid any complications.

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  • Obtain Food license, entity registration, shop, and establishment registration, to name a few.
  • As these are legal requirements, you will need to visit the license authority office to get the grocery store licenses to start a supermarket anywhere in India.

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  • It is vital to set your grocery store in the right place and there no doubt about it.
  • A preferred place to start your supermarket would be the center of the town or busy market complex, where the buying population is big in size.

  • Everybody likes to shop from a new age vibrant grocery store with products stacked neatly, with clear price tags and salesperson quick enough to help him out. Make sure you’re this kind of place!

  • Learn more about who your customers are, their buying preference, their living standards, and market size. This will help you set up other things like the price of the products, dictates the kind of products to be kept at the store and other vital necessities to make your new business idea successful.

  • See what competition you have around you. Lower the competition, the better it is.
  • Check out your competitors and see how your customers can think of your products when compared to your competitors.

  • Having a good network with vendors is a huge benefit when it comes to balancing your inventory right. For eg: You can easily return packed inventory if they’re not selling well.


  • Set the right price for the product, which in turn influences the customer to buy more.
  • This has a direct effect on the revenue and profit of your grocery store.
  • Grocery stores traditionally have markups of 33% to 67% or margins of 25% to 40%.
  • Never offer very low prices as you would need to buy high inventory upfront. Instead, stress more on good service and convenience to your customers.

  • This depends completely on the size and requirements of your store.
  • If at all you need to hire few, make sure they handle crowds of people with a smile on their faces.
  • Other requirements are a thorough knowledge of the inventory and well-trained and highly motivated personnel.

  • Apart from having a physical grocery store, you can sell your grocery products online as well.
  • Take the help of the online marketplace to market your grocery store.
  • You will need an online website of your grocery store, with an option of online payment through which you can take orders from consumers and get it delivered right to their doorstep. Or get listed on bigbasket.com and other such online platforms.

  • Get noticed to draw maximum customers.
  • Inform your family members, relatives, community members, neighbours, and friends about your new business as word-of-mouth is the best way of advertising for your grocery store.
  • Build a good relationship with your customers, as a satisfied customer is your best advertisement.
  • Depending on your customer size and market, make a choice of advertising mediums like flyers, leaflets in newspapers, hoardings etc.

Vyapar Advice:

The future of grocery store business is bright as there is a huge population in India and grocery products are required in every household family. Opportunities are huge but all you need to do is satisfy your customer, invest in better infrastructure, improvise on technology, and be ready to soar in your new business.

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