based on size, variety, date

Customised batches for different types of bakery inventory (based on size, variety, date etc)

Thermal printer for quick token based billing

Thermal printer for quick token based billing

dealing with interchangable items

Multiple Unit support for dealing with interchangable items

Why is billing software used in bakery shops?

Bakery shop billing software helps businesses bill customers with ease. It eliminates the chances of manual errors and provides detailed invoices to customers. It is not feasible to use multiple apps for managing various business operations.

Why is billing software used in bakery shops?

The billing and accounting app by Vyapar makes the whole process simpler for any small or medium business owner. Using a billing app provides you with multiple features, and an easy to use interface is a must for a bakery store as they mostly don’t hire tech staff. Business owners prefer Vyapar over other apps due to its simplicity.

Here are some reasons to use the bakery billing software.

Accurate calculations

People are bound to make errors, and if those errors come in an invoice, it can harm your brand’s reputation. To reduce errors made by manual billing, the Vyapar app provides an easy way to GST compliant invoices.

User-friendly interface

Vyapar is a simplified billing and invoicing app. Anyone using it for the first time can easily invoice and manage the sales effectively. You need not hire a tech guy in your bakery to use the Vyapar app.

Manage inventory

Bakery stores can rely on the Vyapar app to manage inventory items. A bakery must make sure that the products are fresh, and using the app, you can track down any item like cake or other bakery items that goes beyond its expiration date. It makes Vyapar billing software good enough to run a business.

Benefits of using Vyapar bakery shop billing app

Bakeries often get too many orders during seasonal sales, like during the new year and Christmas celebrations. By having professional billing software, you can have a better idea about sale figures from last year's sales data. It helps in planning out a strategy to meet sales demands in advance. There are many more reasons that make Vyapar a relevant addition to a bakery business. Here are some key benefits of using Vyapar bakery shop billing software:

● Provide a breakup of charges and taxes involved in your invoice.

● Create professional invoices with complete customisation.

● Maintain all sale/purchase records in the billing and accounting app.

● It helps file taxes through tax reports made using GST invoices created by the app.

● Generate reports and eliminate manual billing using the Vyapar invoicing app.

● Use Vyapar inventory management to keep track of all items available for sales.

● Track sales from any shop using the app dashboard.

● Keep records of expiry dates for all items in your bakery.

● Manage multiple stores easily.

Features of bakery shop billing software!

 Customised invoicing, features of  billing software for bakery shop

Customised invoicing

Establish your brand image with a fully customised invoice suitable for a bakery shop. It can help you present your brand's message and authority ...

 Record expenses, feature of billing software for bakery shop

Record expenses

Record expenses track your business cash flow by tracking the expenses of your business. Using the app, you can keep an account of the money...

 POS invoicing, features of billing software for bakery shop

POS invoicing

Bill your customers anywhere using the POS billing feature. It allows your customers to pay using their credit and debit cards at the point of sale....

 Data backup and safety, features of  billing software for bakery shop

Data backup and safety

Keep your invoicing data safe by enabling automatic data backup using Vyapar. The data is encrypted to ensure its safety from theft. The app...

Multiple devices , features of billing software for bakery shop

Multiple devices

Our bakery shop billing software is compatible to work on multiple sales desks together. Using the sync feature in the app, you can have all your ...

Inventory alerts , features of  billing software for bakery shop

Inventory alerts

Set up alerts for your inventory to ensure that you have an adequate quantity of supplies. You can directly place pre-orders or start new production ...

 Cash flow, features of billing software for bakery shop

Cash flow

Check out the net receivables and payables value of your business at any time. Using the Vyapar billing app dashboard, you can verify the current ...

 Loyalty points, features of billing software for bakery shop

Loyalty points

Give rewards and special discounts to loyal customers, providing them with a reason to come back. Save basic information of your customers ...

Delivery challan , features of billing software for bakery shop

Delivery challan

You can use the delivery challan to verify the receiver and track down the package location during transit. Once it reaches the location, you can ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Vyapar bakery shop billing app cost?

The Vyapar app for bakery shops is lifetime free for android mobile. However, to use premium features on a desktop, you have to pay a minimal yearly fee. You can try out the desktop app for the 15-days for free as a trial period.

Which bakery billing app is best for small and medium businesses?

Vyapar is a seamless billing experience to the customer with everyone looking at them. Using the app in your bakery store, you can enable fast billing using barcode scanners and ensure that point of sale transactions are super quick.

How can I teach my employee to bill using the Vyapar app?

It hardly takes any time for an employee to create bills using the Vyapar app. It does not require much training. The app is user friendly, and anyone with a little knowledge of software can use the app.

Why is it a good idea to have a bakery store billing software?

A bakery shop sells a wide range of products to customers. Using a billing and accounting app, you eliminate the conflicts of wrong entry due to manual billing. To make the whole process seamless, you can use our billing software online. Vyapar is among the most trusted billing software, and it can help you manage your bakery effectively.

Why do businesses use Vyapar billing software for bakery shops over others?

Vyapar app allows businesses to customise their invoices and deliver their brand's message. It provides a seamless billing experience to the customers. The app is customisable to meet the needs of a bakery shop.