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How to Sync Multiple Devices on Vyapar?

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Table of Content:

  • What is Data synchronization ?
  • How can you use the Sync feature in Vyapar App on the Desktop?
  • How can you use the Sync feature in Vyapar App on the Desktop?

Data synchronization is a process where you communicate your data between two or more devices to create a database and access complete details. Data synchronization(sync) Multiple Devices feature ensures accurate, secure, compliant data and successful team & customer experiences.

Simply put, data synchronization is about synchronizing all the data used by the device or application while maintaining consistency and accuracy. Any change that occurs in a particular data reflects in other devices in near real-time.  Now, with the help of a multi-user synchronization feature, you can easily synchronize your Vyapar app data with other devices in different locations. Below, you’ll see how to use sync multiple devices feature in the Vyapar App?

# How can you use the Sync feature in Vyapar App on the Desktop?

Here are all the steps how to sync Vyapar app:

  • Enable the Sync from Admin Device

Step 1. Go to the left menu > Click on the “Sync” option > Here log in with your Email id or Mobile number as Admin

Step 2. Enter OTP > Click on “Login” button

Step 3. Here you will get all the details. 

Step 4. Now on the right side enter the user mobile number or Email id to whom you want to give access to your data and click on the “Invite User” button.

Step 5. Once the user completes the login in their device it will be updated here > you can see the status of all devices here

(After inviting the user if the user does not accept your invitation it is shown on pending invites)

Step 6. If any time you want to revoke the access of any user you can simply delete the user by using this delete button.

  • Join Sync in User device to complete synchronization (Other devices)

If you invited a user by email then the user will receive the invitation via Email or if you invited the user on a phone number then the user will receive the invitation via WhatsApp/SMS from the Vyapar app 

Step 1. Users have to download vyapar app from the link received in Email/ Whatsapp/ SMS > After download “Open Vyapar > Click on “Join a company shared with you” Option 

Step 2. Here login with the same details on which Admin invited you (Email/ Phone number)

Step 3. Here go to the “Company shared with me” section > Here you will get the list of companies > Click on “Open” button to get the access > And let the company download

Step 4. Now you are ready to use the company, Admin shared with you.

# Benefits of Data Synchronisation in Vyapar App

Here are some benefits of data synchronization in the Vyapar App.

  • It is simple to use and user friendly
  • With the help of the sync feature, you can synchronize your data with multiple devices/multiple users
  • Your data is easily manageable from anywhere or remote locations
  • You can give access of your data to as many users as you want
  • You can have a record and clear view of all users like how many users have joined and have left and whoever has not joined and is still on the pending list.
  • Being an Admin you have full authority, so fewer chances of any disputes regarding data. Also, your data is safe with you only, if you want to remove the access of a user, then you can easily remove them by just using the delete icon.

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