Billing & Invoicing Software For Traders

Billing & Invoicing Software For Traders

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Billing & Invoicing Software For Traders

Since the name of the software ‘Vyapar’ literally translates to ‘trade’, you can probably guess why our service is perfect for traders. Whether you’re a distributor, wholesaler or retailer, Vyapar is a billing and invoicing software that was built keeping in mind the accounting requirements of people in this industry.

Billing & Invoicing Software For Traders, Billing software for Traders

Read on to find out all the ways in which you can increase your businesses productivity using our accounting software.

 Multiple Payment Modes, Billing software for traders
Multiple Payment Modes

Whether you are a wholesaler dealing with many retailers or a distributor dealing with multiple parties, Vyapar’s multiple payment modes allow you to carry out transactions much more smoothly.Giving your customers or clients the flexibility to use a payment method that they are most comfortable with, ensures faster payouts and builds your business relations.

Business Dashboard , Billing software for traders
Business Dashboard

The desktop software version as well as the mobile app from Vyapar gives you a complete business dashboard that displays all the necessary data from your daily business activities in one place.From your cash in hand, open cheques, stock value, bank balance, sales orders, low stock inventory, purchase orders, delivery challans, expiring products, all the way to expenses and much more. All in all, it is the best inventory & order management system along with billing and invoicing. This complete setup will help you monitor the financial health of your business and make informed decisions.

Estimates & Quotations , Billing software for traders
Estimates & Quotations

Using our software you’ll easily be able to draft and send detailed estimates and quotations along with taxes to your clients. These can later be converted to bills with just a few clicks saving both the parties a lot of time and effort.

Offline Capabilities , Billing software for traders
Offline Capabilities

Vyapar’s software can generate invoices even without an internet connection.
We’ve enabled this feature so that our customers' business does not have to rely upon the internet for accounting. Only, if a customer wants his data to be synchronized across multiple devices then they’ll have to use the online version of Vyapar which requires internet connection.

Create Multiple Reports , Billing software for traders
Create Multiple Reports

The benefit of having a business dashboard and being able to create and store important financial transactions through Vyapar gives you the ability to create many types of reports. In the end, these reports are what will help you track, identify and rectify business downfalls and opportunities to grow further.
Here’s a list of some of the many reports you can create using Vyapar:
• Transaction
• Inventory report
• Monthly GST Report
• Party report
• Cash flow
• Sale aging
• GSTR 1 format
• GST related reports
• Balance Sheet
• Profit & Loss

Payment Reminders , Billing software for traders
Payment Reminders

As a trader, you will have many clients. It’s not humanly possible to run behind each one of them and keep reminding them to complete their payments.
Now you can easily set up payment reminders before the due date for all your customers and send them via WhatsApp and SMS. Vyapar software also allows you to send bulk payment via SMS in a single click.

Custom Themed Invoicing , Billing software for traders
Custom Themed Invoicing

A major part of any business is to grow its reputation through all the activities it does. Every interaction counts as a touchpoint that represents your brand. Bills and invoices are no different.
You can easily customize the theme of the invoices you send to customers according to your brand by integrating your business name, logo and other information.

Barcode Management , Billing software for traders
Barcode Management

Vyapar also has an inventory management system that allows you to track and manage your stock of goods using barcodes and other important attributes of your goods.

Free Transaction Message , Billing software for traders
Free Transaction Message

After each transaction takes place, both you and your client receive a free SMS that contains important information regarding the transaction such as credit and debit values. This helps both parties keep everything transparent and be on the same page.

Data Synchronization , Billing software for traders
Data Synchronization

All your data that is stored on Vyapar can be easily synced and stored in your google drive account. This helps you keep the risk of losing data at bay and your financial records safe.

Stock Related Alerts , Billing software for traders
Stock Related Alerts

Through the help of the inventory management system built within Vyapar, you can easily set-up custom alerts when your stock decreases to a certain level. This will help act as a reminder to restock your goods so you don’t run out of products to sell.

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