Export Invoice Format

Vyapar App is a free-to-use invoice maker for small business owners. Even though it does not allow you to create export invoices, it can help you manage everything with the latest updated tax regulations.

Export Invoice Format

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Download professional export invoice templates, and make customization according to your requirements at zero cost.

Simple Tax Invoice format with Billing and Shipping, Tax Invoice format

Simple Tax Invoice with Billing and Shipping

Customize invoice with Vyapar, invoice templates

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Customize invoice with Vyapar, invoice templates

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Take your business to the next level with Export Invoice Format

Export Best Invoice Format

Vyapar App is a free-to-use invoice maker for small business owners. Even though it does not allow you to create export invoices, it can help you manage everything with the latest updated tax regulations. It comes with a simple interface that any level of user can use. We provide an easy-to-read format with the ability to export your invoices in PDF, Excel, or Word formats.

Take your business to the next level with Export Invoice Format

What is the GST export invoice format?

The GST export invoice format is an editable document that a seller or the shipping company can use to issue commercial invoices to exporters. The sellers will use it to report their sale or purchase of goods and services to the exporters.

What is the GST export invoice format?, export Invoice formats

Use of the GST export invoice format is mandatory for exports above Rs 20 lakhs. The sellers can issue the GST export invoices to customers and then manage their accounting requirements using the Vyapar app through a shipping company registered under goods and services tax (GST).

How to create an export GST invoice format in India?

Export invoice format is a GST government prescribed format for the export of goods and services. You can prepare the export invoice using the formats available in software such as MS Excel, Adobe, Open Office, and nay other export invoicing software, etc. Currently, the Vyapar app is not cannot help create export invoices. The first draft of the format provides a way to identify sellers and buyers covered under the law and indicate the value of the transaction(in INR).

How to create an export GST invoice format in India?
How to create an export GST invoice format in India?

Why do small businesses require a GST-compliant export invoice format?

A well-prepared GST Invoice is critical for all businesses. It simplifies the process of doing business and makes it efficient.

Save time by tracking all your exports in one place

Vyapar is a free business management app that helps individuals track their exports and keep all their data in one place. Wherever you are in the world, data has a significant impact on your business – and Vyapar lets you track all of it together.

Accurate and timely invoices for export

The export invoicing process can add a significant amount of time to the process, and thus it is advisable to use invoice software that can help you process invoices in India. Vyapar invoice maker app is the perfect choice for quick invoicing. Invoices are the fastest and easiest ways to offer professional invoices to your clients. However, you have to use templates to provide accurate export invoices as they are not available in the Vyapar app.

Useful for small businesses when exporting

Vyapar app is a billing and accounting application that gets used by small businesses all across India. An export invoice is a statement that shows the value of goods exported and the duties and taxes levied on them. It is an invoice for the export of goods is an essential document in any import-export transaction. An export invoice generator comes with built-in features for a small business to export to its preferred destination.

Features Of Vyapar Invoice Format

Multiple payment systems, Export Invoice Format

Multiple payment systems

Vyapar is a cost-effective way to create invoices for your products and collect payments. You can enable offline and online payments, including UPI, NEFT, debit, credit, cash, and cheque. The company provides cost-effective, fast, and reliable invoicing services in India.

GST reports, Export Invoice Format

GST reports

GST reports are the official documents that you can use for tax purposes. These reports will be filed monthly with the government. The format of these reports is laid out in detail in the Goods and Services Tax Act 2017. Vyapar helps you take care of tax filing in India.

Dashboard, Export Invoice Format


The dashboard is an integrated suite of applications that provides a single source of information to view the status and progress of your business activities. It gives you the ability to understand what's happening in every area of your business, and it helps you make better decisions faster.

Operate Online/Offline, Export Invoice Format

Operate Online/Offline

Vyapar's invoice format is a GST billing accounting software for invoicing within India. Vyapar app cannot create export invoices, but it can help operate your business accounting effectively. It works entirely offline on a single device, and no connectivity is required while using this software. Our invoice generator is straightforward to use, user-friendly & flexible. You can access your data from anywhere using any device (computer/laptop/mobile) with an internet connection.

Business management from Mobile/Desktop, Export Invoice Format

Business management from Mobile/Desktop

Vyapar is online accounting software for small and medium businesses. You can manage your entire accounting from a single window on your PC or laptop. And also, you can access all the records and data via a mobile app, which is available on Android and iOS. Using Vyapar, you can manage your business from a single device or multiple devices by accessing data across the devices.

Compatible for all businesses types, Best Export Invoice Format

Compatible for all businesses types

Vyapar app is the best app for tracking data & bills, inventory & accounting for any small/medium business in India. Even though it cannot create export invoices, Its simple, secure, and easy to use interface makes it a leading player in the retail invoicing industry in India. Vyapar app will help you with all your business requirements right from invoicing, managing, payments, and tax filing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an invoice for an export?

You can use any export invoice template online or an export invoicing app to find our app's best quality export invoice generator. The Vyapar app cannot generate invoices of exports and imports digitally. The users are allowed to choose the type of transaction, whether it be export or import, and have the option to set taxes. Users can also upload their logo, add line items for payment, and create custom fields that will help export data in excel sheets with all the necessary calculations automatically done by Vyapar App.

Why can you not make a Vyapar export invoice?

Creating an export invoice requires complete functionality and compatibility with multiple currencies. Vyapar app does not have all the features needed to generate export invoices. However, you can use the app for your business accountancy requirements.

What is export invoicing?

Export invoicing is a process that records your company's transactions with export buyers. It also keeps track of the price and volume in exchanges of goods or services for a particular shipment with an export buyer. Export invoices are used for border procedures, customs clearance, and to protect customer interests.

What are the types of export invoices?

There are three types of invoices that you can export. Sadly all of them are unavailable since the crash Vyapar App. There are three types of invoices available for exporting but are unavailable in the Vyapar app: Transaction, Inventory Transfer/Sync, Inspection Sheet (surveying).

What needs to be on an export invoice?

A good export invoice is necessary for the seller to avoid paying taxes or duties on a shipment, ultimately making exporting easier. Vyapar app cannot help create export invoices, but it can help you connect new members with an export invoice format to make it easy on yourself. It can contain some or all of the following sections as per country-specific requirements:

  1. Seller Identification
  2. Shipment identification and the type of commodity/goods being sold
  3. The weight or quantity in number (if applicable)
  4. Prices and currency including tax and duty charges before shipping both in origin country's currency as well as destination country's currency (following World Customs Organization guidelines)
  5. Tax obligations (if any) specific to the destination country for this product (adhering to product-specific regulations)
  6. Shipping terms and packaging information
  7. Customs Export Declaration Number