Shipping Bill Format

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Shipping Bill Format

What is the Shipping Bill Format?

What is a Shipping Bill?

Shipping Bill format applications are required to clear customs for export. It is illegal for an exporter to load the products into a plane, ship, or truck without first submitting a Shipping Bill.

The only exception to this rule is if the Commissioner or Principal Commissioner permits you to submit a Shipping Bill physically.

Types of Shipping Bill Format are There

Types of Shipping Bill Format

There are five types of shipping bills given down below:

Free Shipping Bill:

It is employed in the event of goods that neither attract any duty nor are eligible for duty drawback, and its name comes from the Free Shipping Bill. The writing gets produced on plain white paper.

Dutiable Shipping Bill:

This form is necessary when transporting products subject to export duty. It is possible but not guaranteed that it will qualify for duty drawback. It gets printed on paper that is yellow.

Drawback Shipping Bill:

This type of bill does utilise if a refund of customs paid on exported goods is permitted. In most cases, it gets printed on green paper; however, when the drawback claim does get paid to a bank, it is printed on yellow paper instead.

Shipping Bill For Shipment Ex-Bond:

This document gets utilised when imported items are being re-exported and held in bond simultaneously. It gets printed on paper that is yellow.

Coastal Shipping Bill:

Utilised if a consignment is transported from one port to another in India employing the sea. It is not a document that can be exported.

What Exactly do You Include in the Shipping Bill Format?

Include in the Shipping Bill Format

While creating a bill with all the sufficient details required for your shipping bill is very laborious. You can use the information given down below for your shipping Bill, or you can use Vyapar free shipping bill format:

  1. Information about the exporter, the buyer, and the customs agent in general
  2. Specifics regarding the mode of transportation and the port of loading and discharge
  3. Cargo details (gross and net weight, nature).
  4. Invoice Details (number of the commercial invoice, nature of payment, the invoice value in both currencies).
  5. Information about the GST and export duties
  6. Re-Export information (if any).
  7. The price of the commodity FOB as well as the insurance amount
  8. The Number of the Containers
  9. Exchange Rate.
  10. Specifics Regarding the Duty Drawback (Subsidy by the Government).
  11. Whether or not the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) was Successful.
  12. Information on Export-Promotion Capital Goods

What is the Procedure For Creating a Free Shipping Bill Format?

Procedure For Creating a Free Shipping Bill Format

After the vessel, ship, or other conveyance has been permitted to leave the nation, and the shipping bill gets filed. Customs officials will verify the bill's accuracy and determine the exported items' value after it is submitted. The customs office verifies these invoices and stamps the copy with a "LET EXPORT ORDER" or "LET SHIP ORDER" before releasing it for Shipment.

Procedure For Creating a Shipping Bill

  • The exporter notifies Customs that the bank through which will realise the exporter profit has an Authorised Dealer Code No. And either an IEC Code No. Or a CHA licence No.
  • With the billing and packing list, exporters must also present a declaration signed by either the exporter or his authorised CHA at the service centre.
  • After all of the data has been entered, we will create a checklist and then will give that checklist to the exporter.
  • The exporter checks the data and then notifies the service centre of their findings.
  • After the data has been checked and made accurate, it will be processed immediately afterwards.
  • When the value of such items is more remarkable than ten lakhs of rupees, when it contains free samples with a value greater than twenty thousand rupees, or when the drawback amount is one lakh, it will be evaluated by the Assistant Commissioner for Export.
  • After the processing, the exporter can contact the support centre to inquire about the bill's current status.
  • An exporter may ask questions, to which they must respond by submitting them through one of the service centres.
  • Together with a checklist, the exporter and CHA licence are responsible for delivering the original documents—including invoices, packing lists, and other items—to the docks.
  • If everything is in order, the officer in charge of exports will issue a "Let Export Order."
  • The printout of the shipping bill gets generated once the "Let Export Order" has been issued by the administrator.

How to Choose the Best Shipping Bill Software For Your Business?

Choose the Best Shipping Bill Software For Your Business

A digital shipping bill Software consists of a single platform offering associated capabilities. Shipping bill format software manages workflows from beginning to end, including everything from price quotes to shipments, jobs, and invoices.

It establishes electronic connections with booking agents and customs brokers to facilitate data sharing. We carefully monitor all accounts receivable and payments to ensure the greatest possible profit.

Increased Levels of Productivity:

Improve the effectiveness of business operations by spending less time on manual or repetitive activities. It makes your shipping operations more effective and impactful at the same time.

Increased Responsibility and Obligation:

Maintain an audit record of crucial company decisions to establish compliance with the highest industry standards. It creates a single data platform for your shipping bill for bill operations so that you can have it easily.

Boost Your Company's Profits:

This shipping bill format software enables your business to become more precise in your business operations. Eventually, it leads to more accuracy in your business activities. To stop profit from slipping through the cracks, the shipping bill for export software meticulously records all of our sales and expenses.

Satisfaction of the Customer:

Shipping bill software allows you to obtain insights and warnings on any operational concerns to ensure that you exceed your customers' expectations. It helps make your business more customer-oriented and gives maximum output and satisfaction to your clients.

Streamlining of Business Procedures:

Automate and improve the efficiency of complicated procedures, whether they include people, processes, or systems. It makes white paper operations more smooth and more straightforward.

Fewer Risks:

Monitor the evolution of regulatory requirements and assemble supporting paperwork to mitigate risk and legal exposure. It makes your business more bulletproof from human error in your shipping services centre.

Central Platform:

All processes may be managed from a single platform and can exchange data throughout the various departments. It creates a central location for your data chain, so you can easily access the data when required.

Detailed Insights:

Obtain insights that may be used on obstacles to corporate growth, factors that affect costs, and chances for the bill of export form so that you can quickly get custom clearance for your export order.

What are the Advantages of Using the Vyapar Shipping Bill Format?

Advantages of Using the Vyapar Shipping Bill Format

Vyapar is highly accurate and trusted by one crore business owners for their day-to-day operations. It is an all-in-one app and frequently recommends by business owners for your shipping business:

Speed and Accuracy:

In the highly competitive world of modernity, speed has become the new term for success. Vyapar's shipping bill generator makes it easy to issue and print your shipping bill on yellow paper.

It comes in all three formats PDF, Word and Excel. You can quickly generate your free shipping bill within minutes in your required formats. It is highly accurate and has all the essential details for your shipping bills, assisting you in getting customs clearance quickly.

Suppose you belong to a well-known shipping Business and receive a large export order. The precise billing by the Vyapar app helps you to get more influence in your shipping business.

Less Manual Error:

The financial impact of an incorrect shipping bill format could be substantial. Having the proper shipping bill software is essential for efficient business management. If you use Vyapar, your shipping business can quickly process data.

The procedure gets simplified through automation, and human error gets eliminated. Doing so will free up a substantial amount of time to devote to other shipping tasks. The balance sheet format used by the Vyapar ledger is easy to use.

It can quickly transfer information between the commissioner of export and your shipping Business via import and export reports created using Vyapar. In addition, it sends out payment and reimbursement reminders, which helps reduce the likelihood of future disagreements.

Financial Statements:

Shipping business owners must give careful consideration. Keeping track of the cash flow, analysing the numbers, and evaluating the company's real-time performance could take time and effort. Vyapar software for shipping bills is the answer to all of your troubles. Vyapar allows you to make more than 40+ different kinds of reports. It is possible to prepare various information, such as a balance sheet, an expense or income report, or a GST report. The shipping company's cash flow can be preserved and can avoid delays to production. You can learn about the status of the business by reading the reports. It could help you determine which product is in high demand so you can buy more.

Create Customised Bills/Invoices:

Your Shipping bill can quickly make bills/invoices with Vyapar. You can edit your accounts using the shipping bill software, which will wow your customers. You can save time using the application to fill out repetitive debit entries automatically.

Utilise the app's functionality to create a particular bill to ship with invoices. On the invoice, you may put your name, address, phone number, payment options, customised themes, corporate logo, Cha licence, packaging list, shipping bill number, dealer code etc.

With this Vyapar shipping bill technology, you may communicate with your customers as you choose. You'll respond quickly and give your clients a better experience.

Manage Cash Flow Seamlessly:

Software for shipping bills and accounting enables firms to record transactions. It helps to monitor payments. Over one crore organisations have evaluated Vyapar's free shipping bill software's capabilities.

Cash Flow management gets utilised for billing, accounting, and numerous shipping houses for operational needs. Vyapar's shipping bill format (PDF, Word, and Excel) helps automate management.

It prevents shopping bill errors. By investing in this shipping bill software, you can conveniently control the cash flow of your shipping business.

Features that Make Vyapar the Best App For Creating Shipping Bills!

Vyapar Features For Creating Shipping Bills

Online/Offline Software:

Several aspects of the shipping bill generator software allow you to carry on with the shipping business, even if you lose network connectivity.

You can take payments using offline software shipping bill format. eWallets, which can be used without an internet connection, are the best choice for India's rural areas. You can use the Vyapar shipping bill app to make client invoices/bills even while not online.

When you connect your database to the internet, our business shipping bill software will begin verifying and updating your transactions. An invoice can be generated for a customer immediately following a successful transaction on our platform.

Multiple Modes of Payment:

You may make bills/invoices using the Vyapar shipping bill software with several payment alternatives. Client payments can be made regularly by bank transfer (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS).

Your shipping house can Include a QR code as a payment option within the invoice to facilitate client payments sent to the associated UPI id. It leads businesses to be more customer oriented.

Cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards are all excellent options for payment. Customers will do business with you more regularly if you can extend more good credit to them.

Security and Safety:

With the increasing digitisation of society, security must be a Shipping Organisation's top priority. The Vyapar software for shipping bill format provides an option to schedule automatic data backups, giving you peace of mind regarding the safety of your billing information.

With our free shipping bill format in India, you can easily schedule regular backups, giving you peace of mind about the information you store in the cloud.

Every once in a while, you should make a local backup for added safety. Safeguarding your information by putting it on a hard disc or flash drive is possible.

Business Management:

To run your company smoothly, try using the Vyapar billing software for shipping tools. Vyapar's in-depth dashboard allows you to monitor and analyse business operations in real time.

Vyapar's user-friendly interface could help you accomplish more in your business. This programme is helpful for budgeting, accounting, and stock management.

Because of the format's ease of use and accessibility, it is much less of a hassle to maintain tabs on all commercial dealings. Using this programme, you won't have to manually produce billing for each Shipment to get a CHA licence early.

Compatibility With Scanners:

Because customers may generate their bills using the Vyapar shipping software with barcodes, the billing process can move along more quickly. Because of its features, Vyapar makes the billing process less time-consuming and labour-intensive than it would otherwise be.

With this easy-to-use accounting software for shipping bill format, you can use a barcode scanner to access the product data of your computer. The method eliminates the need to input each item's name, quantity manually, and price.

There is a possibility of making mistakes when manually processing billing information; for example, you can forget to include something or include it more than once. You can reduce the likelihood of making those errors by using the barcode functionality offered by Vyapar.

Receivables and Payables:

With the Vyapar shipping bill format, users may monitor and record their company's cash flow in real-time and keep track of every financial transaction. The software allows you to monitor the event's cash flow by recording and collecting payments.

Using the app's company dashboard, you can keep tabs on the money you "have to get" and the money you "have to pay." You can avoid taking on unnecessary debt and reevaluate your firm with the help of Vyapar's cash flow management system.

The perpetrator's identity is readily apparent to you. You can set up payment reminders to ensure that these customers pay their bills on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shipping Bill Format?

Shipping Bill format applications are required to clear customs for export. It is illegal for an exporter to load the products into a plane, ship, or truck without first submitting a Shipping Bill.

How do I Make a Shipping Bill?

You can use free Vyapar Shipping bill software to create multiple shipping bills for your operations. It comes with various features without a cost. Vyapar helps to make your business operations more precise and resilient simultaneously.

How Many Types of Shipping Bills are There?

There are five types of shipping bills:

  • Free Shipping Bill
  • Dutiable Shipping Bill
  • Drawback Shipping Bill
  • Shipping bill for Shipment
  • Ex-Bond: Coastal Shipping Bill

What are the Three Methods of Shipping?

Land, air, and sea transport contribute significantly to our national economy's success in their unique ways. Each form of transportation provides advantages that the others might not be able to provide.

What is the Shipping Bill Under GST?

When particular items leave India or supplies are delivered to SEZ, they must be taxed under GST and certified by the Customs department. It applies to both exports and deliveries.

It includes their worth and the amount of customs duty and IGST paid on those products, included on the shipping bill.

What is the Difference Between a Shipping Bill and a Bill of Entry?

Shipping Bill format applications are required to clear customs for export; meanwhile, an importer has to file the Bill of Entry while importing the goods into the country.

When is the Bill of Lading to Be Filed?

After a vessel, ship, or other conveyance is granted entry outwards that paves the way for it to leave the country, it can submit a shipping bill to the appropriate authorities.

The customs officials will physically verify the bill after it gets submitted. They will also determine the worth of the products destined for export.