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Vyapar App’s Complete Feature List: All About the BEST Billing Software for Small Businesses in India

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Vyapar is a GST Business Accounting Software. With Vyapar App, you can make & share Invoices on WhatsApp, manage stocks/Inventory, make estimate bills, generate GSTR reports, track unpaid invoices, send payment reminders and collect payments directly online using UPI payments. It has other features like business expense tracking, daily sale purchase record, shows profit and loss report.

Feature list - vyapar

Here’s how this GST Billing App looks like:

The main left menu in the Vyapar App has the following options: Business Dashboard, Reports, Sale, Purchase, Expense, Other Income, Cash & bank, My Online Store, Settings, Backup/Restore, Utilities, Rewards, Help & Support.

By tapping the top-left corner of the App (blue background), you can add your company details like name, company phone number, company address, etc. You can print these details on your invoices, reports, etc with the right settings.

Business Dashboard

Check your business status here. It shows everything you need to know about your business.

Find out about cash-in-hand, stock value, bank balance and other critical details of your business financial health in one place. With such information, you can make informed decisions for your business.



Sale Report: Check all the sales you made in a day/month/year. Find out the total sale amount, outstanding amount, etc.

Purchase Report: Check all the purchases you made in a day/month/year. Find out the total purchase amount, payable amount, etc.

Day Book: Check all the business transactions, money earned & spent on any single day.

All Transactions : Check all types of transactions you had with every single party in a given duration.

Bill wise Profit : Check Profit & Loss on each sale transaction.

Profit & Loss: Check the net profits & losses you earned/lost.

Cashflow: Check the total amount of money received, paid & balance cash in hand.

Balance Sheet : Track Assets and Liabilities in Balance Sheet.

Party Reports

Party Statement: Check all transactions made with a particular party (customer/supplier).

Party wise Profit & Loss : Check total profit against the party for total sale.

All Parties Report: Check each of your party’s dues (payable/receivable) on any given date.

Party Report by Items: Check the quantity of a particular item sold to or purchased from each of your parties.

Sale/Purchase by Party: Enables you to create sale/purchase orders for the orders made to your parties. It also helps you to track open orders and convert them to sale easily so you don’t have to fill any data again.

Sale/Purchase by Party Group: Check total sale & purchase made against a particular group of parties.

GST Reports

GSTR-1: Gives you the summary of all the sales of the month.

GSTR-2: Gives you the summary of all the purchases of the month.

GSTR-3B: Gives you the summary of all the sales & purchases of the month.

GST Detail Report: You can generate detailed GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B report of any month here.

GSTR-9: Generate your annual GSTR-9 report with all the details furnished in monthly & quarterly returns.

Sale Summary by HSN: Get the detailed report of sold items by HSN code wise.

Item/Stock Reports

Stock Summary Report: Check the “stock quantity” & “stock value” of each item.

Item Report by Party: See which of your items were “sold to” or “purchased from” a party in what quantities.

Item Wise Profit/Loss: Check the profit/loss amount incurred from each of your items.

Low Stock Summary Report: Check “stock quantity” & “stock value” all the items whose quantity is below “minimum quantity”.

Item Detail Report: Check date-wise sale quantity, purchase quantity, adjust quantity & closing quantity of any item.

Stock Detail Report: Check each item’s beginning quantity, closing quantity.

Sale/Purchase by Item Category: Check category wise sale quantity and purchase quantity.

Stock Summary by Item Category: Check item category wise stock quantity and stock value.

Item Batch Report: Check current item quantity by batch wise.

Item Serial Report: Check current item quantity by serial number.

Item Wise Discount: Check discount provided on sold items.

Business Status

Bank Statement: Check on what day you withdrew or you deposited.

Discount Report: Check the total amount you discounted to each of your parties on your sales. Also, check the total amount discounted to you by each of your parties on your purchases.

Tax Report: Check all the purchase tax paid & sales tax collected.

Tax Rate Report: Check rate-wise tax collected & tax paid by you.

Expense Reports

Expense Transaction Report: Check all the business expenses you’ve made in a given duration.

Expense Category Report: Check category-wise business expenses a given duration.

Expense Item Report: Know what you spent on & how much, in a given duration.

Sale/Purchase Order Reports

Sale/Purchase Order Transaction Report: Check all the sale/purchase orders you placed/received in a given duration.

Sale/Purchase Order Item Report: Check all the items you’ve sold/purchased through sale/purchase orders in a given duration.

Other Income

Other Income Transaction Report: Check all the business incomes you’ve made in a given duration.

Other Income Category Report: Check category-wise business incomes a given duration.

Other Income Item Report: Know what you earned on & how much, in a given duration.

Loan Reports

Loan Statement: Check a record of re-payment paid for a loan. 


Sale Invoices

See all your sale invoices here & create new ones too. Know the total amount made through sales.


Check all the payments came from your parties.

Sale Return

See all the returned sale orders and the credit notes for the same. Create new credit notes when your sold products are returned.


See all the estimates sent to your parties on a day/month/year. See which ones are still open. Create new estimates or quotation forms here.

Delivery Challan

See all the delivery challans created so far. Create new delivery challans for your sale/order for interstate transactions.


Purchase Bills

View all your purchase bills here(if already created). Add your Purchase transactions here.


See to whom you have made payments on a particular day/month/year.

Purchase Return

See all your returned purchases (if you have any). Create a debit note from here when you return a purchase.

Purchase Order

See all your purchase orders (open/closed). Create purchase orders for your suppliers from here.


Track your business expenditures here. For different kinds of expenses with and without GST, create different expense categories. Add and manage business expenses here.

Other Income

Track your business other income here. For different kinds of secondary sources other than your main business, create different other income categories. Add and manage business other income here.

Cash & Bank

Bank Account

Place where you can keep an account of all your bank/ wallet transactions.

Cash in hand

Get the list of all Cash sales (Date wise)


Check all the cheques received as your payments here. See which of them are still open.

Loan Accounts

Keep the records of all ever loan transactions and EMI.

My Online store

It helps to to improve your business and increase your sales. Indirectly it will popularize your business name. Add all the items you want to sell through the online Store. Add all items online store price along with their Images. Share the catalog link with your friends and customers. Get the instant orders from your customers. It will be appeared on your Online Store. Click on it and convert those orders into sales.


Keep the records of all ever loan transactions and EMI. It allows you to make the customizations in our application as per your requirement like for Invoices, Transaction SMS, Item details, User Management, etc.



App language: Change your display language of your App here

Business currency: Choose the currency for your business

Decimal Places: Choose how many decimal digitals should appear in your totals.

Date Format: Decide the date format

Show warning for unsaved changes: Enable this if you want to be warned to save changes before closing the app.

Change Vyapar Theme: – You can change the look of the App. There are three types: Classic, Standard, Trending.


Passcode/Fingerprint: Enable this if you want to keep your App password protected.


Enable Multi-firms: Enable this if you want to manage multiple firms on the same Vyapar account. Your parties and inventory data will be shared across each of your firms. You don’t have to create different ones.


Auto backup: When you enable this, automatic backups are performed on your business data. Your data will be safely uploaded to your google drive account on a regular basis.

More Transaction

Here you can Turn ON, Estimate/Quotations, other incomes, sale/purchase order, delivery challan, Goods return on delivery challan, print amount on the challan, etc that is required to run your business effortlessly.


Transaction Header

Invoice/Bill Number: Enabling this will add “bill numbers” on all your sale transactions. This invoice number will automatically increment when you create a new sale transaction.

Cash Sale by default: Enables you to select “cash sale” by default while creating new sale transactions.

PO Detail (of the customer): Adds “PO Date” and “PO number” on your transactions.

Add Time on Transaction: It allows users to enter the time of transaction along with the date at the time of creating it.

Print time on Invoices: It allows you to print the time of transaction on your invoices.

Items table

Allow Inclusive/Exclusive tax on the rate (Price/unit): When this is enabled, the item’s rate is inclusive of the tax. Disabling this will mean the item’s rate is exclusive of the tax. Hence the tax will be added later when a transaction is being created.

Display Purchase Price: Shows the purchase price of the item while creating a transaction.

Free Item Quantity: Allows you to add the free quantity of items in your sale and purchase transactions. For eg: You can to give 1 item free for every 2 items bought by your customer. You can make use of this feature.

Count: The number of items will be counted & displayed for you.

Barcode scanning for items: Enables you to add barcode for every item and then use the barcode to scan items during sale and purchase transaction to make fast entries.

Taxes, Discounts, and Total

Transaction Wise Tax: Enables you to add tax in different transactions like sales, purchase, etc. This field shows up in the item detail section and tax is applied to the subtotal of items added.

Transaction Wise Discount: Enables you to add discounts in different transactions like sales, purchases, etc.

Round Off Transaction Amount: Enables you to round off the transaction amount based on your preference.

More transaction Features

Share invoice as Image: Enables you to share invoice as image instead of PDF.

Passcode for edit/delete: Enables PIN for deleting any transaction

Discount during payment: Enables you to enter discount during the payments like payment-in and payment-out.

Link Payment to invoices: Enables you to track paid/unpaid invoices. You will also be able to link sale against payment, credit note, etc and vice versa

Due date and payment terms: Let’s you set due dates, terms & conditions for your payments.

Enable Invoice Preview: Let’s you see the preview of your invoice during its creation.

Additional Fields: Let’s you add more fields to your party details. These can be printed on transaction PDFs under the party section.

Transportation Details: Shows transportation details in the transactions.

Additional Charges: Enables you to add extra charges like shipping, packaging, etc on your invoices.

Show Profit while making Sale Invoice: This allows you to check profit while creating a new sale invoice.


Reverse Charge: Enables the “reverse charge” option in purchase transactions

State of Supply: Enables you to add “place of supply” in transactions

E-way Bill no: Enables you to add “E-way bill number” in your transaction

Transaction Pre-fixes

Let’s you set prefixes for your sale invoices, credit notes, sale order, and other transactions.

Invoice Print

Thermal/Regular: Select the type of printer you use for your business. The regular printer uses A4 and A5 size paper and thermal printer prints 2 inches, 3 inches, 4-inch paper

Themes: Enables you to choose themes and theme color for your transactions like sale, payment-in receipt, etc.

Printer Settings: Text size and Page size: Enables you to set the text size that will be printed on the transaction pdfs. This will help you reduce the size of the pdf and save paper. Enables you to choose the size of paper you want to use for printing your transaction pdfs.

Print Company Info/header: Enable the details you wish to see on your invoices.


Totals & Taxes: Enable details you wish to see on your invoices.


Footer: Enable the details you wish to see at the footer of your invoice.

Taxes & GST

Tax List: List of tax rates and tax groups

GST: Enables you to set product HSN codes, create GST compliant invoices and generate GST tax reports

HSN/SAC Code: Enables you to enter HSN/SAC codes for your products/items

Additional Cess: Enables you to enter “additional cess” per item

Reverse Charge: Enables the “reverse charge” option in purchase transactions

State of Supply: Enables you to add “place of supply” in transactions

E-way Bill no: Enables you to add “E-way bill number” in your transaction

Composite Scheme: Enables this if you’re a composite scheme user.

User Management

Provide a limited access to the user like sales person can’t edit or delete any transaction.

Provide the access to sales person and secondary admin

Track there sales and purchase according to sales person and admins.

Transaction SMS

Send to Party: Enable to send SMS with transaction details to your parties.

Send SMS Copy to self: Enable to send SMS with transaction details to your parties.

Show party’s Current Balance: Enable this to share current balance of the party through SMS.

Show web invoice link : Enable this to add invoice link in your transaction messages.

Select transactions for automatic messaging

Enables you to send the SMS to your parties automatically whenever you enter a transaction. You can customize the message and also choose for which transaction you want to send the message.


Payment Reminder

Self Payment Reminder: Enables you to get automatic payment reminders that will help you follow up with your parties and get paid faster

Remind for payment due more than: Set the number of days (from the due date) after which “Payment Reminders” should be sent.

Get the notification of the payment reminder for the follow up in app notification.

Reminder message to party: Enables you to edit reminder message.



GSTIN number: Enables you to enter the GSTIN number for your parties like customers or suppliers

Party Grouping: Enables you to create party groups, add parties to groups and then track your business stats like receivables, payables, sales, purchases, etc based on groups.

Party Additional Fields: Add additional details of your party by enabling this.

Party Shipping Address: Enables shipping address for the party.

Print Shipping Address: Enable you to print shipping address of the party on invoices/bills.

Invite parties to add themselves: It allows you to share the link to your customers and suppliers . They can fill their details for you to review and add them as party.


Enable Item: Enables you to add items that you sell and add them to your invoices and purchase bills etc.

Item Type: Enables you to select types of items used in your business.

Barcode Scanning for Items: Enables you to add barcode for every item and then use the barcode to scan items during sale and purchase transaction to make fast entries

Stock Maintenance: Enables you to easily maintain your inventory/stock. Once enables Vyapar will track the inventory and automatically handle the quantity and value based on your sales ad purchases. You will also be able to see different reports.

Item Units: Enables you to define the unit of measure for your items. You will be able to define base unit, secondary unit and the conversion formula which will help you sell and purchase items in different units.

Default Units: It allows users to make a default primary and secondary unit. users can change the units for items they don’t want to use the default items. 

Item Category: Enables you to categorize items and see various reports based on the category to understand your category performance

Part wise items rate: Enables you to track party-wise item rate. Once enabled, Vyapar will remember which item you are setting to which party at what price, and it will show you that same price in the next transaction like sale and purchase.

Quantity (up to decimal places): Choose how to many decimal digits you wish to see.

Item wise tax: Enables you to add taxes to every item in your sale and purchase transactions.

Item wise discounts: Enables you to add discounts to every item separately in your sales and purchase transactions.

Update Sale Price  from TXN: It allows you to update the sale price of an item whenever it is updated on sale transactions.

Additional item columns(ex. Batch): Enables you to add additional columns in items like MRP, Exp date, etc.

Description: Allows you to write descriptions for your items.


HSN/SAC Code: Enables you to enter HSN/SAC codes for your products/items

Additional Cess: Enables you to enter “additional cess” per item

Backup & Restore

Auto Backup: When you enable this, automatic backups are performed on your business data. Your data will be safely uploaded to your google drive account on a regular basis.

Backup to phone: Choose this to save the backup of your business data in your local device – Phone.

Backup to email: Choose this to send the backup of your business data to your email.

Restore backup: You can restore your choice of backup to your Vyapar App from here.

Vyapar Premium

Buy Vyapar Premium Account from here.

Refer & Earn

Shows what you’ve won out of referring Vyapar to your friends.

When your friend installs Vyapar using your referral code and creates a sale transaction for the first time, you’ll get a scratch card. Each of these scratch cards can win you up to 2000 Rs. cash prize.



Verify my data: Checks mismatches with your data.

Open Calculator: Opens Vyapar’s calculator.

Import Items: Your item details in excel can be directly imported in this software, saves time.

Export Items: Export your item details in pdf/excel format.

Import parties: Import parties to your App from an excel sheet.

Close Financial Year: Close book, Start fresh

Messages: Check the messages status.


Help and Support

Customer Care: Place to get in touch with us and solve your problems.

Tutorials: Watch Vyapar’s Youtube Video Tutorials & learn how to use Vyapar App for your business.

Remote Vyapar Support: Our customer care team connects to your device to solve the issue your facing.



All parties – See the money you owe to all your parties, see what they owe you.


A quick view of all the business transactions you’ve made so far.


See all your inventory items. Add/import your inventory items, enter stock quantity, sale price, etc.

Vyapar App has both a mobile/desktop version. Mobile App is FREE and Desktop App has a 15-day FREE trial period.

# Key Features of your Vyapar Accounting Software

The market is flooded with websites and mobile applications which support in accounting, but very few have served the purpose. With events like Demonetization and GST, the Indian economy is moving towards digitization with great vigour. The importance of moving from a paper based accounting system to a digital system is being stressed by the government like never before. This pace of transformation may sound intimidating to many businessmen.

But do not worry, your wait for a user friendly app is over. Vyapar app’s team has done approximately 1000+ hours of research to understand the Indian targeted users and the market conditions before developing this application. Vyapar app is business friendly, has wider functionality and at the same time this app is an excellent guide to navigate changing market conditions.

Some of the most valued features of the Vyapar App are:

Easy & FAST billing:- Vyapar App is a very handy billing software available for mobile (Android) and PC (Windows). Using this you can do all the accounting activities of your business very faster. 

Shortcut keys:- By using shortcut keys given in Vyapar App, you can do most of the business activities without using the mouse and you can save your precious time and grow your business. Like, For Sale (Alt+s), To save and print (ctrl+P ), For settings (shift+1)

Barcode management:- While doing the transaction or keep all records of inventory using barcode reader. Also you can generate barcodes for all your loose items and get better inventory management. You can scan barcode of inventory-items to fetch item details while billing.

Create various transactions:

(1.) Sale

  • Sale Invoice – It is a written document that most sellers use to communicate the details of the transaction to their customers. This includes the name of the party, payment type, amount of product, balance due and other factors related to the total price.
  • Estimate/Quotation – Create Estimates / Quotations / Proforma Invoices and share with your parties by WhatsApp, Email or printed copies. You can convert them to sales invoices later with just the click of a button.
  • Payment In – maintain received amount by making payment in entries and share instant SMS for better accounting.
  • Sale Order – Make & share sale orders & convert them to sale invoice instantly.
  • Delivery Challan – Make & share delivery challan with your customers & convert it to sale whenever you want.
  • Sale Return/ Credit Note – Make sale return/Credit Note for proper inventory management and accounting. Give credit notes for regular customers for better relationships.

(2.) Purchase

  • Purchase Bill – Make Purchase invoices & Print or share with your customers directly via WhatsApp or Email.
  • Payment Out –  maintain payable amount by making payment out entries and share instant SMS for better accounting.
  • Purchase Order – Create and share purchase orders with your parties and convert them into purchase bills instantly.
  • Purchase Return/ Debit Note – Make purchase return/ Debit Note for proper inventory management and accounting. 

(3.) Expenses – Record your business expenses and know your actual profit.

(4.) Other Income- Maintain the income records from secondary sources. Other than your main business

E-Waybill:- Generate E-WayBill from in one click immediately after generating the invoice and share the invoice with the E-Way Bill number.

Bill wise payment tracking and Due date management:- This feature makes it easy to track customer payments by keeping track of all your bills. Like whether that particular transaction is paid, unpaid or partially paid

If you added due dates then it will be helpful to check the unpaid status of each bill in the sales aging report and you can also track how many days that bills are unpaid and overdue. 

Multiple modes of payments (Cash & Digital payments):- Through Vyapar App you can collect payment from your customer in multiple modes like Cash/Cheque/UPI/QR Code, etc. You can also print the payment mode on your invoices.

Vyapar software also lets you manage loan accounts as well as deposit/withdrawal of cash.

Inventory Management and Tracking:- With the help of this feature of Vyapar, it helps you to get stock value, stock quantity and if you have batch details, MRP, Expiry and manufacturing all these can be managed for particular items.

Tax management:- You will get to know how much tax you have paid and how much tax you have collected through your business with the different-different tax slabs.

Discount Management:- Manage item wise discount and transaction wise discount and get the instant reports of your business. Also create fixed discounts for each item and make more sales.

Free item Quantity:- You can create a transaction for free item quantity in vyapar.

Low store information:- Get the low stock information and create a purchase/purchase order to manage the stock before it runs out.

Expiry information:- Expiring item information can be viewed before 30 days. By selling your product before the expiry date, you can save your product from getting wasted.

Online Store:- You can make all MSME free online stores in one click and make your business digital along with earning profit.

Party Management:- You can add your regular customers as well as suppliers as a party in Vyapar. Also You can easily track all your party reports on Vyapar such as: Party Statement, Party Wise Profit and Loss, Party Report by Items, etc. 

Free transaction message:- Generate your transaction invoice and send a free message to your customer and make the transaction more transparent.

Reporting:- Vyapar app gives you the ability to create a variety of reports instantly. In the end, these are the reports that will help you track, identify and improve business downturns and further opportunities.

Multi-device Sync:- Synchronize your business app data with other devices in different locations. Also Vyapar software lets you manage user level access for multiple users.

Data Safety & Security:- Your data is 100% safe and secure on Vyapar App, along with auto backup for better protection of your own data.

To safeguard your data in Vyapar, you can apply passcode in your company data as well as for transaction edit & delete.

Personal Invoices:- Share , Print and Brand the invoices with your business logo.

Stock management:- Categorize products and right size the inventory so that customers do not return empty handed.

Payment Reminders:- Recovering dues is a challenge in the Indian Markets and Vyapar App helps you set reminders, notify vendors and customers in advance and make sure the cash inflow is regular.

Auto Backup:- No need to worry about losing your books as the Vyapar App takes back up of your books automatically and you can access is with extreme ease.

Detailed Reports:- Good business decisions are the ones that are based on data. Vyapar App helps you organize your historical data and develop customized reports which can be extracted anytime and anywhere within the app.

Business Status:- This is a dashboard which gives details like Cash-in-hand, Stock value, Expenses, Bank Account balances, etc. In short this is Business Convenience at first sight.

Bank Accounts:- This feature helps you keep track of all the bank accounts and e-wallets in a very systematic manner.

Order Management:- Take orders from your customers and give them order receipt with professional sale order form. 


1. Operate Online/Offline companies:- You can operate your companies both online/offline. Plus it works completely offline on a single device.

2. Manage the account from Mobile/Desktop:- Access the data from mobile to desktop and desktop to mobile instantly. Get your business in your pocket.

3. Easy to use: – You do not need any accounting knowledge to use Vyapar App. It’s very simple and friendly user interface makes it very easy for the user to operate his business.

4. Cost-effective:- Vyapar is a very cost-effective and economical app with no hidden charges.

5. Customizable invoice:- In the Vyapar app create & print invoices for your business with 12 Multiple customizable invoice themes.

6. Compatible:- Vyapar App is compatible with almost all micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. These businesses might be GST registered or unregistered.

7. Tally export:- Now, you can easily export Vyapar data to Tally. 

8. GST reports:- In Vyapar App, generate GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 reports. If you are in a composite scheme then get instant reports of GSTR-3B, GSTR-4 and GSTR-9A in Government (JSON) format.

9. Dashboard:- The dashboard helps you easily track your business data and information across all areas of business.

With these excellent features, the Vyapar application is your friend and guide towards digital and transparent accounting.

# Balance Sheet Feature – Now LIVE on Vyapar App!

Yes! The “Balance Sheet” is Released.

With this feature, Vyapar App helps you –

  • Easily understand your business’s financial status and make informed decisions.
  • Improve your business’s operational efficiency, borrowing habits, and overall financial health.


For Desktop Version –
Go to https://vyaparapp.in/ and click on “Download for Desktop”.
A file will be downloaded.
Click on it and wait for the application to update.
Note: Existing users need not worry about their business data. Your data will stay the same. However, we recommend taking a backup before downloading and re-installing the App.
Under the “Report” section, you can find the Balance Sheet.

What is a Balance Sheet?

A Balance Sheet is a report that gives a summary of the financial balances of your business. You can use it to analyze your financial stability and business performance.

The 3 important sections of any balance sheet are:

  • Assets – Anything that has value and owned by your business.
  • Liabilities – Anything that is payable to others.
  • Equity / Capital – Ownership of assets that may have debts or other liabilities.

Why is the Balance Sheet Important for your Business?

The balance sheet shows you the big picture. When you’re running a business day today, it’s easy to get focused on whether cash is coming in or not, whether you can pay your bills. Balance sheets show your business’s progress over a period of time.

Here’s why it is extremely important for the growth of your business.

97% of Banks demand your business’s “balance sheet” when you apply for business loans to determine your eligibility for the loan.
Other money-lenders also require your business’s balance sheet to determine its financial health and creditworthiness.
It shows lenders that you have a track record of managing assets and liabilities responsibly.
It’s also a proof that you’re likely to repay your debts in a timely manner.
Balance sheets can be used to make informed business decisions.
They can be used to report your business’s financial status to lenders, investors, and other partners.
Your balance sheet allows people outside of your company to quickly understand its financial condition.
The balance sheet effectively shows your ability to collect payments and repay debts.
Even the government requires the balance sheet of an organization to know the correct picture of the business before providing any financial or non-financial assistance under any scheme.
The business growth can be determined by comparing the balance sheet of different years.
You can understand how your business is performing. You can start expanding business or plan for unforeseen expenses.
One can understand if the business is making profits or suffering from debts.

Easily generate a balance sheet for your small business with Vyapar App.


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